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My New Years Goals!

I know that I haven't posted anything craftie for the last little while, I have been crazy busy with two sick kids (ok, so a sick hubbie and sick kid).  They both have had this terrible cold.  So my craftie life has gone out the window!

However, I have some projects that I thought I would let you guys know about.  One of the lest favorites is Getting all of Harrison's clothes that don't fit and put them away.  I hope that when I have another baby I pray that it is a little boy, otherwise I will have a little girl that will wear tons of blue!  Yickes!

Another project is painting Harrison's crib.  Now the story behind this is we bought this way before Harrison was even a twinkle in our eye!  We thought that we would be able to get this done fairly quick.  Almost three years later we are using our awesome neighbors crib!  This is one of the first projects that I would like to get done.

Another thing I need to get done is my hubbie's birthday is in exactly a month and I have way to many jeans that need to be made into a quilt.  He actually asked me last hunting season if I would make him one because he froze.  So two birds with one stone!  Sweet!  Let just see if I can get it done and find some cool material for the back that doesn't cost a bucket load of money.  I also will be showing you exactly how I do it.

Since we will hopefully be moving in the spring or sooner, I will be also dejunking our house.  I have been doing tons already.  I have way to much crap!  Wish me luck!

I also will be making some baby blankets and showing you step by step.  I have tons of friends that are having babies.  So I need to get that done soon.

So I thought that I will be letting you know what I will be doing the next little while!  I can wait till it gets warmer because then I can do stuff outside again.  Wahoo! 

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