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It is FINALLY done!

It is done!  I think I could cry I am so excited,
THE CRIB IS Finally Finished.  

All but the knobs which we will be going to buy the spray paint this evening.  Then I will be spraying them tomorrow.  My hubbie just told me that he will be setting it up tonight so I will take a ton of pictures and then I will post them.  So you can see what a great team my hubbie and I make.  He is just great!  But we need to let the poly sit for a while since it is so cold in our basement!  So stay tune for the amazing crib redo!


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Kelly @ Make It Sparkly Mama said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I follow you now, and can't wait to see the crib. I love furniture fixer uppers! Follow me back if you want ;0) and we can have fun looking at each other's projects! You have a super cute blog!


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