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The February Challenage

I have told you all that I was doing things while on my craft store diet.  I wanted to do a tutorial for you.  My mom bought a bib forever ago and I loved how it looked.  So she let me borrow it for the pattern.  I made my son a rag quilt and wasn't sure of the dimensions so I bought way too much material.  Which was a blessing!  I had enough material left over to make cute bibs!

I started out by using the bib as a pattern and I got this cut out.

Then I pinned the whole thing together.  But you need to leave a space open where you can pull it back right side out. I usually leave the spot on the bottom.
 This is what it looks like when it is sew but not right sides out.
This is the final product!  They turned out so cute!

Sorry, the lighting is awful! 



kasthurirajam said...


Lynn said...

Very cute!

Jill @ Women Who Do It All said...

So cute, I love the fabric you chose!


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