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As most of you know I am going to having a baby girl in July (or sooner) and I can't wait!  Everything in our house is either trains, cars or dinosaurs.  I am SO excited to see pink!  I have not had a reason to look at the girlie stuff.  I have to say, I am loving!  

Well today I was looking at one of my favorite blogs, U create.  You can link up to Ucreate Parties!  I love this place.  I was looking at it and I found this! A lady bug birthday party.

I love lady bugs!  I always have.  I was going to do her room in lady bugs, but till we move she will be either in our room or my little boy's room.  I don't think that he will like that very much!  I will have to wait till we move. 

I can have a lady bug birthday party for her first birthday!  I know she isn't even here yet and I am planning her first birthday.  HA!  I am really excited!


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katy said...

You have a great blog!


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