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Tuesday Tell All #5

Welcome to Tuesday Tell All.  I do know that that today is Wednesday.  Which I didn't know yesterday, funny I know. I was talking with my hubbie and told him I didn't know what to talk about and he asked if I knew that it was Wednesday.  I was so surprised. 

Anyways, on to the good stuff!  I have wanted to start doing a meal menu.  I didn't really know where to start and so I haven't start to do it.  Then the other day I was watching a show called, "Good Things Utah."  Which I like to call one of my mommy shows.  This lady was on there talking about her website, it was all about making a menu and great recipes.   So I went to her website and I love how easy it was to use.  Plus it is free!

So the website is Simplify Supper.  I have been working a lot with it and I have been working on a menu and it is SO easy!  First off you just have to make an account, which I haven't seen any junk mail or annoying emails from them.  After you have your account there is tons of thing you can do.  The first page you will come upon is the main page, this will have her monthly menu.  This is where I get ideas.  Then there is a button that you can click on that says View My Calendar.  You can then click that button and it will bring up a blank calendar that you can click on the date and put a recipe there.

Then on the side it will make a shopping list for you!  All you have to do it print it off!  I was so excited about this.  There is TONS of recipes to choose from.  There is even a vegetarian section, which my friend was telling me that it was hard to find.  Also the recipes are REALLY easy!  I LUV this most of all!  Once you get use to what the recipe calls for you can watch the sales and get killer deals for your dinner!

Hop over there and see what you think.  Also I want to let you know I am not getting paid for this.  I honestly love this site.

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1 comment:

Celeste said...

Thanks for the heads up on this!!! I love it! Some of recipes need a little altering to make them diet friendly, but wow! I love that someone did this!!! THANK YOU!!


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