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Welcome Summer!

Yes, I believe that summer might be here in Utah.  I don't know though.  It might just be a tease.  Well with that I have tons of projects that I need to get done.  I am going to write them down so that I have to finish them in a timely manner.

  • Greg's hunting quilt
  • Craft Room 
  • Magnet board
  • Shelf for bubba's room
  • Paint bedroom lamp
  • Build our bedroom set
  • Paint front room and hall
  • Frames for wall in bathroom
  • Organize bathroom
  • Shelves for bathroom
Ok so I am going to stop right here.  I hope to get some of this stuff done this weekend.  I don't know that I can promise that.  But I can hope right!

What are the projects that you are working on? 

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