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My Crushes!

I was blog surfing and I saw this really cut idea where you tell about your crushes.  So I thought that I would share a little bit about me!

My biggest crush that I have is.....

My super handsome hubbie and my super cute little boy!  Please soon I have will have another crush to add to this picture!

My Blog crush....

My TV Crush is....
Castle.  It is such a good show!

My movie crush is....
This is the best love story of all!

Next, would have to be my hunk crush!
Yes, ladies that would be Hugh Jackman!  Yum, I know!

Then, there is my candy crush.....
 Blueberry Truffle
 Milk Chocolate Bordeaux.... My mouth is watering!

My Baby crush is....
Little headbands with flowers! 
What are you crushing on?  Let me know!


1 comment:

cAsSy said...

I will have to post this on my blog! Your little man and big man are cute! I can't wait for our little surprise to get here. I am so ready to add a cute bundle of awesome to our family.


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