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Everything is goiing well.

I wanted to thank everyone that has given me such great advice.  I am going a little crazy with trying to clean my mother in laws basement and get our house packed too.  Everything is falling into place very well. 

Tonight my hubbie is going to help me move everything around out there so I can get the bathroom cleaned and get some of that room organized.  We also are taking more stuff out!  I am going to take pictures of what it looks like right now and then do an after when we move in.  I am super excited to show you.

I am getting really emotional about moving.  I keep thinking about all the memories we have had here.  We have spent most of our married life here.  *sniff, sniff*.  Over all we are excited for what new things are happening in our lives.  Harrison is going to love to live with grandma, and I think that he will gain about ten pounds.  That women loves to give out treats.

I will keep you updated on everything.  Still if you have any packing tips or moving tips, I am all ears!

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CaSsAnDuH said...

Good luck! It's a huge step in your life! Enjoy it and make sure to make some memories while you do all of it.


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