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Do you have a someday list, box, binder and just a bunch of ideas?  I do and today I was looking at Martha, which I have never been to before today.  Crazy, I know.  But ah my goodness!  That women is a genius. I love to look at organizing tips/solutions.  Here are some of my favorites that I found.

This is a bench that has these metal rolling storage containers.  I know all of you probably already know all about this.  But I am in love!

This is the next thing I found and fell in love with.  Isn't that such a cute idea.  I love that you can change the labels when you want to change the containers from you kitchen to your kids closet.

This I was super excited to find because or laundry room is cement and I have been wanting to change it up.  For starter it is pink.  Now this certain color must have been on a killer sell because half of our house was this color.  But I want to paint it and then put up some shelves for some storage.  This would be super cute!

 Another thing that I have in my lovely laundry room is a clothes rack.  But it isn't pretty or functional at all.  Most of the time it just gets in my way.  So I would love something like this or like this

 I LUV that!  
I thought this was way cool.  It isn't my style, but it is really functional and tons of storage. I love the tension rod that is hanging at the top.  I love things that aren't permanent.  I am funny with things and like to move then when I get tired of them. I have more that I will show you later on this week!  That woman knows what she is doing.  Even though she is crazy.  Honestly who isn't! 


Andy Porter said...

I am in love with organized room, totes, boxes, bins, all of it makes me giddy!! I WANT IT!! Love all the pics!

Andy Porter said...

Cute button!


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