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I love to Scrap!

I had some much fun this weekend!  I do a crop over nighter twice a year, that is put on by Creative Memories.  This year money was super tight and I was not going to be able to go.  I talked to my consultant and she was able to talk to the lady who runs it and we were able to get it so that I could work at this one and crop at the next one.

I must say that it was so much fun!  I worked yesterday for about 8 hours yesterday and then today I worked another 5.  I did everything from setting up to making page layout kits. I loved every second of it!  I am thinking about being coming a consultant for Creative Memories. I think this would be such a blast.  I would love to sell this great product and have a reason to scrap.

I also have an amazing hubbie who lets me have my time so that I don't get as stressed.  He loves for me to go do these over nighters so that I can regenerate and be a better wife and mom.  He gets it and I am very thankful for that. I was super silly those and didn't take pictures.  They have these huge tables so you can just spread your junk all over and not get in anyone's way. 

I get to go have my fun in April which will be so much fun for my birthday!  I am super excited.  I will have to take a ton of pictures and tell you all about.

If I do become a consultant I am going to do crops at our house.  I think that would be such a fun thing.  I guess that is what other consultants do and they do really well.  So much to think about!

Tomorrow I am going to post and show you some of the lay outs that I already have done.  I need to do some more.  I will be do some this Saturday with my best friend!  I am so excited. 

Thanks for stopping by!  Let me know what you like to do in your spare time... Do you like to scrap or sewing?  What other fun things do you like to do?

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