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Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes!

I am SO excited!  Over at Stories for A to Z Beth is throwing a Shoe Party!  What girl doesn't love shoes?  I have tons of fun shoes.  Here are some.
These are some of my favorite sandals. I love to wear these sandals, but they are kinda a work out.  They are super heavy.

These are my only pair of heels.  I love heels, but my back and feet don't. I wear these to church.  When I first got them and wore them I was so close to falling all day long.  All my hubbie could do was laugh.
These are my wedding shoes.  I got married in September and had an outdoor reception.  They were so much fun.
I love flip flops.  Who doesn't?  You go to have your basic black and brown.  
During the summer these are my favorite slipper.  They are super comfortable!
These are my most wore shoes.  They go with everything and they are super comfortable.
I wish that I could say these are super wore and that I love them.  They don't get wore as much as they should.  They are really comfortable when I do work out.
OK, so these are my most favorite pair of shoes that I have.  I have lived my whole life in a city.  When my heart belongs to the country.  When ever I wear these I feel so cute!  

There you have it!  These are some of my shoes.  
What about you?  Do you have some fun shoes 
or what is your favorite pair?  What do they say about you?



Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

I'm so glad you found your way to the party and linked up! I have to say that I'm loving your slippers! I need some. So cute :).

Chelsy@ Sweet Pea Kisses said...

Oh my...I LURVE those boots! They look like so much fun, I wish I had them! I am def a country girl and those puppies speak to me!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love your wedges! Those pink slipper flip-flops are great!

Sandy said...

I also love your slippers.. I'm one to take off my shoes in the house.. bare feet is my middle name.. but I love shoes!


jenjen said...

Great shoes! I love the wedges and those fuzzy slippers look so comfy!


Destination Seaborn said...

I'm loving those flip flop slippers. My sister would totally love those {gift idea?}. Thanks for sharing! Lisa

Merrie said...

A girl after my own heart- I love furry slippers and cowboy boots too!


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