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"Master Bedroom"

As of late I have been thinking about our "Master bedroom."  There is nothing master about our bedroom.  Our bedroom right now is small, but it works.  We have had a log bedroom set for a few years now, which doesn't ever fit in our room.  I really wanted to have the log theme when I got it.  However, like any great women, we change our minds!  I am done with the log heavy thick wood.  I want an area that is super light and airy.  I want blues, grays and creams. Something that feels larger then it really is. 

I have been thinking about the furniture, what I would like in there.  I have been looking at Pottery Barn and Ikea.   Here is what I found.

This is from Ikea.  I really like that it has some design to the top and  not solid.  But one of the must for me is comfort in the bedroom.  Which for me means that I need to have a solid head board.  I want to have more kids and with our log bed it wasn't solid and it was hard on the late night feeds.

These are from Pottery Barn and I love them!
I love anything that has storage!  I want to have something like this with my little boys room! I am not sure about the fabric head board.  I think like a mom, I want things that are easy to clean.

I really like this, but it is really fancy and my hubbie wants something that is more casual.  Still amazing!

This one is it!  I LOVE THIS!!!

I love how rustic it looks, but still gorgeous!  I love the character that it has.  The dings and dents just add to it! I just wish that I liked the price tag that went along with.  I am going to try and fine a bedroom set that I can redo and make it look like this. 

What about you? Do you have your dream space?  Do you love or hate your room? 


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I know the feeling. We have a huge (king size) BLACK 4 poster bed. It rocks but I can't wait to get some white paint on it. I don't know if you know about it but check out Knock Off Wood. She has loads of free plans for Pottery Barn (and others) knock offs. She has tons of beds on there (I plan on making my girls one after we move). All the plans are free and are cheaper to make than to buy new! I bet you could find something you loved on there!



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