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Tuesday Tell All #16

Welcome to Tuesday Tell All!  I am so excited about today because this is my 100th post.  Crazy to think that not to long ago I would have gotten to 100th post so fast and that I would have 74 followers!  I am so humbled and grateful that you all are so supportive on my little blog.  Thanks you all so much.  I wish that I had something that I could give away, but at this time I don't know of anything.  I hope to do something fun soon.

Now on to the great projects this week.  I loved all of them and can't wait to try the yummy recipes.  Here is a few that I would love to feature.

My friend Laurie over at Scene of the Grime, showed us this great idea using pumpkins and candlesticks.  I am excited to she linked up because I needed some ideas for my Halloween shelf.

Next, Ellen over at Creative Passage did two projects that I just fell in love with.  First, she did an amazing baby blanket and burp clothes.  I wish that she would have been around when I had my little boy.  I LOVE THESE!!!  I will be contacting her when I have my next one.
 Then she linked up these super cute pumpkins made from a felt sweater.  I think this is super cute.  I wish that I had a orange felt sweater laying around to do this with.
Then Courtney, over at Between U & Me, made this super cute baby shower gift.  Dang, where were all of you when I had my cute little boy!  I was super blessed and have tons of cute stuff that I got from all my sweet friends and family.  But I love this idea!

Amy, over at The Happy Scraps, made this super cute magnet board.  I love this idea.
Alright, I am so excited to what all of you guys are up too.  I promise that I have some things that I will be showing you all soon.  I can't wait!

Here is my rules are:

  1. Must be something craftie.  This can be anything!  Projects, Craft Ideas, Organization Tips, Recipes, Ect. 
  2. Link only your post, if you link your blog or anything that you are selling will deleted.
  3. Anything that is negative or inappropriate will be deleted.
  4. Visit the other links and show some love!
  5. Please let others know about my linking party so that we can all enjoy in the fun.



Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

Congrats on your 100th post! I reached the same milestone this past Sunday- super exciting!!!

CaSsAnDuH said...

I love those pumpkins! I think the calendar would be a really great gift too! I am going shopping today. Maybe I'll stop and get some felt for those pumpkins!!

Ellen said...

Thank you so much for featuring two of my projects! I am honored...
We have a new Goodwill store opening up in two days so I am planning on being there to pick up some more orange sweaters!

Stephanie said...

Melissa, I came over to your blog to thank you for your comment you left on my blog, and I see you are having a link party, so I joined! Thanks for visiting my blog, I would of never seen your cute blog.

Jilly said...

I think the calendar would be a really great gift. I am going shopping today. Maybe I will stop and get some felt for those pumpkins.


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