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The "B"Bag

A while back here in Utah all of the Down East Outlet's had some super crazy sales.  I decided to go, but the only thing that I really wanted was a diaper bag.  If you have ever been to their outlets you know that they sell the bags that have mistakes at a screaming deal.  I found this one and I LOVED the green polka dots!  But it had a big "B" on it and I don't have any "B" besides a boy.  
 But as you can tell, it is really girlie.  I get asked all the time why I have a "B" on my bag.  So I was cleaning out my craft closet and  found these super cute Denim flowers that I had made last year, but I didn't know what to do with them.  I was so excited I found one that I thought was so cute and  I LOVE how it turned out!

No more questions about the "B'.  That sounds so bad.  But you all know what I mean!  HAHA!  Thanks for stopping by!


Katie and Rob said...

ok that's freakin' cute!

Jill from Women Who Do It All said...

A definite improvement, I love the flower!


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