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Tuesday Tell All #13

Hello, Hello!  I am so happy that you have stopped by.  To start off, MY BUTTONS FINALLY WORK!!!!  It only took my brother and his amazing computer skills to get them to work, but they do!  He also help with making my blog look cooler!  Thanks Ryan!  I will be making a button for Tuesday Tell All also.  Grab my button and put it on you blog, also if you have been featured, make sure to grab that one too!   For today, we have some awesome projects and a yummy recipe.  Let's get this show on the road!

Clarissa Emily, over at A Little Stone House linked up this Yummy Banana Bread Recipe.  Yes, please I will have a loaf or two!
She also did this super cute Topiary Wreath.  All I can say is this woman has tons of patience.  That looks like it took forever and was worth every second.  I love those flowers.
Next, we have a new visitor, her name is Mayya, over at Sew Chic & Unique.  I saw her linked up to another blog and had to invite her.  She was so sweet.  I had share this.  I feel in love.  This is her sewing room.  I can't wait till one day I have something like this.
Another newbie to my party is Donene, over at Easy Peasy Grandma.  I also saw her on another link party and invited her.  She made this amazing cute kindle bag.  Which if I ever get one I will be making!  I love the felt flowers.
Then my friend LaDeeDa,  over at LaDeeDa Creations stopped by to show us another of her wonder creations.  She did a super cute leopard headband.  So cute!
Then Mummy Crafts, stopped by again is show us how to make bean bags.  I love the idea of using bird seed. 
Alright!  It is a new week and I am so excited to see what you guys have for me to see!

Here is my rules are:

  1. Must be something craftie.  This can be anything!  Projects, Craft Ideas, Organization Tips, Recipes, Ect. 
  2. Link only your post, if you link your blog or anything that you are selling will deleted.
  3. Anything that is negative or inappropriate will be deleted.
  4. Visit the other links and show some love!
  5. Please let others know about my linking party so that we can all enjoy in the fun.



CraftyMummy said...

Thanks for featuring my bean bags - they are really fun and easy to make. I'm afraid I don't have anything much to link this week - a bit under the weather :( But I'll catch up next week!

Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

Thanks for the invite! I have added your link party to my list. Have a great week!


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