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Tuesday Tell All #11

Hello again!  It is that time again.  Tuesday Tell All.  I am so excited, last week was the biggest link party that I have had yet.  The projects were amazing.  Here is highlights from all the projects.

Summer, over at Sumo's Sweet Stuff, did these super cute interchangeable headbands. I am so excited.  I want to  make some for myself.  I can't wear those super cute metal or wire headbands.

Then Clarissa Emily over at A Little Stone House, show us how to do this amazing cloche from Goodwill items. Can I have the treat inside too?  Yummy!
Carolina, over at Expect Moore, did this super cute Pocket book from a hand me down quilt. 
Over at Mummy Crafts, made is super cute camera strap out of scrap material.
Kimmy, over at My Beautifully Blessed Life, found this cute mirror at a thrift store and painted it white.  I have something just like this and yes, I will be painting it white.
Over at Southern Girl Creation, she linked a couple of projects this week.  Her first project she linked up was these super funky clip board.  Fun huh?! I think I want a polka dot one please!
The other project was this super cute fabric covered composition book.  I just found some at my house and I want to do some of these.  Cute, I know.
Jess, over at Frugal with a Flourish, made these amazing mirror for only a dollar.  Crazy!
Darrah, over at D to the 4th Power, link four really cute projects this week.  The first being a framed fabric Menu Board.   I LOVE this fabric.  SO SO SO CUTE!
Then she was felt her mantel needed a makeover.  So she found some stuff from her house and reused it.
I love this idea!  I don't really care about coasters, but after I saw these fabric coasters, I might just have to have some.
These lunchbox are SO cute!  I can't even wait for my little one to be able to have one!
Marty, over at Barefoot & Pony-Tailed,  made this crackle frame.  I love how it turned out.
Tammy, Over at Flutegal Crafts, an Ampersand Applique Pillow.  Simply gorgeous.
Our returning friend, Laurie, over at Scene of the Grime.  Linked up her amazing idea of how to reuse wrought iron from a bench.  What an amazing idea!
Kathy, over at Dandelions and Dust Bunnies. Made these super cute tile picture.  This was such a cute idea.  My parents have a box of tile that I am going to ask them for so I can do this!
Thanks to all of you that linked up!  I think this weeks party was such a great success.  I am so excited to see what you guys have for me this week.  Also don't forget about Fabulous Friday.



La-Dee-da crafter said...

I had to link up my new DIY play kitchen. I love it! Crazy how excited I get over something not for me, but thats the best sometimes. Vacation was awesome but I couldn't wait to craft again.

CraftyMummy said...

Thanks for featuring my camera strap! A lovely surprise :)


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