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Just some cards!

Just a little note! If you are visiting from Somewhat Simple. Thank you!  There is no crap involved with the card.  However there is SCRAPS.  Opps!  I hope you enjoy.

I love to scrapbook!  I also don't like to waste any scraps if I don't have to. All of these card are made from scraps.  I have a hard spending $3-$10 for a card that someone may or may not like.  I have been making the cards that I have been giving for the lat year and half.  I have giving out tons that I haven't taken pictures of.  I wanted to share a few and let you know that you don't need a big piece of paper to make a cute card.

Another thing I was talking to a friend and she was talking about buying stamps and how expensive it was.  I spent about $25 dollars and got tons of stamps.  Now I can make all kinds of card for free.  Since I have all of the supplies.  So thing to think about. Notice that all of these cards are done with little scraps. 

Here is some random, can go for anything cards:
 Here is some thank you cards:
Here is a birthday card, a lovey card, and then a thinking of you:
This Friday I think that some of my friends are going to get together to make some more.  If we do then I will be sure to post them too! I also want to do some cards that you sew with your sewing machine.  I love those!  They are so fun.

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The Crib Reveal!

As I told you, the crib is finally (almost) done. I thought it was done, I forgot that we hadn't got the handles done.  So last night I finished that ones that we could find.  We have had this crib for a long time and we took the handles off about two years ago.  So, we have four and are missing two.  We looked all over the house and even cleaned up to garage a little to see if they were out there.  Two birds with one stone.  We couldn't find them, hopefully soon.  Also there was a drawer that we need to redo, hopefully this week. 

Anyways, the story behind the crib is we bought it forever ago.  Right after we bought the house.  We were not even planning on having a baby yet.  Greg called me at work and told me that he had found this awesome crib at a yard sale down the street.  He sent me a picture on my phone (which I wish that I had to show you).  I told him to get it.

Our little boys room is really small and this had a changing table that was attached.  We thought this would be a great space saver. Little did we know that it would take a about 2 years to get it done.  Greg started by sanding the awful yellowish finish off of it. We wanted to stain it.  We tried and it wouldn't stain evenly.  We then decided to paint it.  I went back and forth on what color and then decided to paint it white.  Which I am very glad that we did!

I forgot to take picture before I started to paint.  Here is what it looked like when I started.  The handles are brass and super ugly!   I tried to spray paint it.  I was new to it so I decided that I would just paint it with left over paint that we had from painting some of the rooms in our house.
 This is the first coat of paint.  I am sorry that the pictures aren't very good.  I had to paint it in our basement because the weather here is not wanting to warm up enough to do anything outside.  I used a roller and a brush.  Which went by really fast.  I get bored really easy. 

This is when we had finished doing the polyurethane.  We had to let it dry for about 1 1/2 days.

This is my sweet hubbie putting it together.  The crib is finally set up his room.  The top part folds down . The only thing was... I didn't realize how big it is.  So I think that I am going to have to change things around.  I am going to to somethings tomorrow.  I have some cool things that I am going to do for the walls.

These are the handles.  I used the Krylon Rubbed Oil Bronze that Thrifty Decor Chick talked about this last week.  I LOVE them! I can't wait to get them all done.  Then this is a missing drawer, it was way beat up.  This week my hubbie will be getting it fixed.

This here is the finished product. I love how it turned out!  I was nervous that my little one would have a hard time with sleeping in it since it is something new.  Not the case at all.  He LOVES his new crib.  The bedding by the way was not my first choice.  I found it at Savers for $30 dollars for the whole set and it matched the crazy wall color that I choose to do.  There is a bed skirt, but I can't use it.  All well.  At least when I resale it I have the whole set.

I hope that you like it as much as I do!  Let me know what you think! 

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It is FINALLY done!

It is done!  I think I could cry I am so excited,
THE CRIB IS Finally Finished.  

All but the knobs which we will be going to buy the spray paint this evening.  Then I will be spraying them tomorrow.  My hubbie just told me that he will be setting it up tonight so I will take a ton of pictures and then I will post them.  So you can see what a great team my hubbie and I make.  He is just great!  But we need to let the poly sit for a while since it is so cold in our basement!  So stay tune for the amazing crib redo!



White board calendar

One day I was thinking that I need a white board calendar.  I have seen tons of different ones.  I kinda wanted something that was not permanent.  I went and checked The Stories of A to Z.  The clouds parted and there it was!  A personal erasable calendar!  Thank you Beth!  She did a great tutorial how to do it too.

So I got right on it. I made one for me, then I made on for my sister-in-laws b-day. I sprayed the frame black because it was a  not that pretty.  I did the same for me.  The only thing is mine is yellow.  They were super easy to make and didn't take much time at all.  The only thing that was hard for me is deciding on the colors and design on  I have so much fun!  I haven't actually hang mine because we hope to be moving. But it is so cute!  I don't have pictures, and it is packed.  So I will have to post a picture later.

This one is my sister in laws!

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Never Say NEVER....

Ok so my brother pointed out that I said something that I would eat my words later.  I said I never win anything and I WON again!  I entered another drawing that Tierra over at
Pebbles and Poppys.

She is a super talented at making crocheted hats!  
They are super cute and I won!
Thanks Tierra and I will have to take some pictures of my little 
guy with it on!  (He is down for his nap! Thank goodness)

She also has a pebbles and Poppys etsy shop so stop by and 
see if there is anything that you love!

I think I am in LOVE!

First off I just wanted to thank all of you super kind people who replied to my post yesterday and all the sweet comments.  It truly made my day!  I couldn't stop smiling at all the nice things! 

Now on to the fun craft that I have been up to today.  Yesterday was my amazing mom's birthday, so I needed to do something for her.  Of course I wait till the very last minute to do it.  We are having her birthday party tonight, so I needed to get started.  Now this women has every thing and more.  But you never can have too many cute home decor.  So I am doing her a wooden LOVE blocks.

I started with a left over pieces of a 2*4.  I had my sweet dad cut them for me.  Then I spray painted then with the Leather Brown Paint.  I have such a hard time with the drying part. I wish that I could just spray a thick coat and then it dry fast.  That is not how it work.  Thin coats and more then one. Yes, I sprayed other for another project! I am not quite sure yet.  But I will show you when I decide.

Then I sanded the edges.I then pulled out my scrapbook
paper scraps cute out a back piece.  

Then I got out my handy dandy Cricut and cut out white letters.
With a little ink and a little time you get such a cute look.  It adds so much to it!  I love inking! 

Then this is the final product! 

I think I am in LOVE! 
(Bytheway, she loved them!)

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Get Your face on!

Beth over at The Stories of A to Z is having an awesome Get Your Face On linking party!  

So I thought that I would be brave and bare all!  So here we go!  

Let start with hair,  here are some of the products that I use!

I love these product!  The first is joice K-pak shampoo and condition. This prodect is made for people lke me!  I am a hair stylist and always flat ironing and coloring my hair!  I LOVE the Sleek look styling cream.  They have one for thick hair and then one for normal.  I have super curly hair and this stuff works great! Then I use a thermal spray that is from Ion!  I love it and it works really well.  But don't use alot or it will make your hair greasy.   This helps protect my hair when I flat iron.

This a very clam version of what my hair looks like when I blow dry.

Then I use a Chi Falt iron!  I know they are expensive.  I have been doing hair now for 6 years!  I have only gone through 1.  My dog chewed through the cord.  I don't want to talk about it and no, we no longer have a dog.  (For more reasons then that.)  Another thing about Chi's DON'T get all the pretty colors or the camo whatever.  Go for the black one!  It is made out of different material and works so much better then the other ones. Also there is some that don't have the GSB trip thing.  Make sure the one that you get has it!  If you are like me and don't have tons of space and are working around water, it is super important so that no one gets hurt.  Also they get really hot so make sure they are out of reach of your kids!

This is my make up.  I don't have tons and I don't have a drawer to put it in. So this is my case.  Yes, I have a bigger one that is filled with stuff that I could use.  But I don't!  In fact I don't always do my make up.  But I feel like I look ten times better with it.  I start out with Apricot Scrub and Clean and Clear Sensitive skin face wash. Then the Walmart brand facile lotion that is like the Oil of Olay.  The I use Mirabella Concealer and press powder.  I have really sensitive skin so this is what works for me! I like brown and tan eye shadow, whit a little sparck and nothing fancy. Then I use Mary Kay Black or Brown Eyeliner.  My favorite mascara is Full and Soft, I NEVER use waterproof.  It makes my eyelids itch.  I sometime use an eyelash curler, if  have time. Then I us a little blush and bronze when I am in the mood.  I hate lipstick so I just use gloss.  That is it! 
 Here is the finished product:
(Sorry the picture is bad.  I was going to have my hubbie help. But he is at work)
Thanks for stopping by!  If you have ANY hair or make up questions feel free to ask!  
I would love to try and help!

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