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Tuesday Tell All #18

Welcome to Tuesday Tell All!!!  I am super excited, we had the biggest linking party so far!!!!  This last party we had even thing from a super cute birthday shirt to a giveaway.   It was so much fun to see what you all have been so busy working on. Also don't forget to link up all of your recipes on Fabulous Friday!!

Let get on to the cute projects that I will be featuring today!

Let start off with The Mother Load.  She did this super cute embroidered family hands.  It think this is so cute.  I think it would make a super cute Christmas gift for a mom or a grandma. I also love that it has the year.

The next project is Michelle, at Sustainably Chic Designs, made these super cute Halloween Plates.  I have wanted to do something like this with my Cricut.  But I don't have the right cartridges.  This is such a great idea with the window clings. She also linked up some really cute ideas with organizing.  Check it out!
Then my friend, Clarissa Emily, canned Peach Jam!  So yummy and she showed how easy it really is!
Over at Between U & Me, Courtney, made this adorable Tulle Halloween Wreath.  SO cute!!!!  She said she has an addiction.  I think that is a great addiction.
Then Chelsea, over at Crafter's Anonymous Club, made the ultimate Mom Bag.  I would LOVE something like this!!!  It has tons of pockets and pockets with certain purposes.  She said that it is big.  As a mom that is key!  Great job!!

Thanks for another great linking party!  I hope that this week's is even better!!

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  1. Must be something craftie.  This can be anything!  Projects, Craft Ideas, Organization Tips, Recipes, Ect. 
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  5. Please let others know about my linking party so that we can all enjoy in the fun. 



My Craft Heaven!!!

SO on Thursday I was looking on KSL Classifies just for fun and I looked in the dresser section when I stumble up on this!!!

I fell in love in a heart beat and she was hard to get to my house.  My hubbie was at work and I didn't have a car seat.  So I  called my parents and my awesome dad came with me with his truck.  We got there and lifted it.  I thought I was going to die!  It is like 75 pounds and I am not even making that up! I thought that it was in better shape then it was. My amazing hubbie and I spent the night stripping it.  (Yes, there were tons of jokes about strippers too). 

Later on, I was talking with my hubbie and he was talking to me about it and I said I am super excited about my secretary desk.  He looked at me and said, "That is not what it is called."  I was intrigued.  "What is it called then?"  He smiled and said Your Crafting Heaven."  I couldn't fight with that!

Then on Friday I sanded it down, primed it and painted it! (of course, I forgot to take pictures)  I even got most of the poly on it!  I am going to let it air out over the weekend.  Then it will be put in my craft room!!!  I am so excited I can hardly wait.  I can't wait to show you it!  



Fabulous Friday

Welcome to Fabulous Friday!  I really love today recipe!  I never liked anything but mashed potatoes. Now that I am a little older and have better taste buds, I love this recipe!  It is super easy and it even freeze well.  My mom always made extra and it would already be made up.  We even made some right before I had my baby and that came in so handy!


1-2 8 Oz pkg of lasagna noodles.  (I like the Regular width noodles instead of the wide noodle.)
2 lbs of hamburger
2 Garlic Cloves- Crushed
1- 8 oz Tomato Sauce
½ C Minced Onions
1-2 ½ C Diced tomatoes (I use one can of tomatoes)
½ t. Salt
¼ t. Pepper
1 t.- 1 ½ t. Ground oregano
½ lb Mozzarella cheese or amount you desire.
Parmesan cheese

Cook noodles 30 mins, Brown hamburger.  Stir in tomatoes and rest of ingredients.  Cook 15- 20 mins.  Layer noodles, sauce, cheese.  Top with parmesan cheese.  Cook at 350 degrees until cheese melts.

This makes a 9*13 pan plus a little extra to put into individual pans to freeze.  Even if there are only 2 in the family it’s good to cook this up and freeze any leftovers in small containers.

This recipe is from My Aunt June. 

I hope that you enjoy and let me know if you try it and what you think.


I need...

Alright,  I know that I have been doing my Linking Party and Fabulous Friday.  But that is about it.  I feel like I need to be real with all of you guys.  I have been struggling for about the last month.  Because of the I have not wanted to craft.  Which is changing.  I doing some super fun thing that I can't wait to show you all.

Now I will just tell you all why I have been struggling so that you all don't have to wonder or ask.  My hubbie and I really want to have another baby and have been trying for the past 6 months.  We have a little boy that will be 2 in October and I thought that I would be pregnant by now.  So now with that said and out of the way.  I hope to have more cute craft stuff to show you soon.

I have a hunting quilt that I am working on for my husband. Which I should finish pretty soon since he will be going hunting in a week.  The hard part of the top is done so I just need to do the bottom and tie it!  Also I have some great organization things that I am doing too.



Tuesday Tell All #17

Is it Tuesday?  Dang, I am so sorry!  Life was really crazy yesterday!  Welcome to Tuesday Tell All.  I am really excited about today projects.  Once again, my hubbie picked them.  I love ALL of the projects this week.  Also that is the biggest party that we have had so far.  I am SO excited that we are getting more friends to stop by.

Amy, over at The Happy Scraps, made this super cute Halloween Wreath.  Check  out her tutorial.

Susie, over at Knit'n'Stitch, made this super cute cardigan for a little girl.  I got a little snicker with the picture of her daughter.
Misty, over at Creative Itch, made earrings from Scrabble pieces.  I WANT a Scrabble set SOOOO bad!  I can't find them anywhere, unless I want to buy them brand new.  Grr.... But these are SO cute!
Stephanie, over at Cre8tive Designs Inc,  made this amazing cute Subway Arts for her Pantry.  I love this idea.  I LOVE subway art.
Thanks for entering last week and I can't wait to see what you all have for me this week!

Here is my rules are:

  1. Must be something craftie.  This can be anything!  Projects, Craft Ideas, Organization Tips, Recipes, Ect. 
  2. Link only your post, if you link your blog or anything that you are selling will deleted.
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Fabulous Friday

Good morning!  Welcome to Fabulous Friday!   I am so excited about today's recipe.  I need to do more yummy dinner ideas. But I have been kinda stressed lately, so what do you make?  Treats!!!!  This is one of my new favorites.  It is super rich so I don't eat a ton. But I get my sweet fix.

Peanut Butter Balls

1 C Chunky Peanut Butter
1C Rice Crispies
1 Small Jar of Marshmallow Creme (I get mine from Walmart for $0.84)
1 Bag of Milk Chocolate Chips

Mix Peanut Butter, Rice Crispies, and Marshmallow.  Then roll into small balls.  Place on wax paper and put in refrigerator till hard.  After completely harden, melt 3/4 of bag of Milk Chocolate Chips.  Roll balls in melted Chocolate.  Place back in refrigerator till hard.  Serve cold.

Trust me, once you have tried these, you will never but the same.  Also I don't have any of the cool tools that you use to make chocolates, so I just used two spoons.



Tuesday Tell All #16

Welcome to Tuesday Tell All!  I am so excited about today because this is my 100th post.  Crazy to think that not to long ago I would have gotten to 100th post so fast and that I would have 74 followers!  I am so humbled and grateful that you all are so supportive on my little blog.  Thanks you all so much.  I wish that I had something that I could give away, but at this time I don't know of anything.  I hope to do something fun soon.

Now on to the great projects this week.  I loved all of them and can't wait to try the yummy recipes.  Here is a few that I would love to feature.

My friend Laurie over at Scene of the Grime, showed us this great idea using pumpkins and candlesticks.  I am excited to she linked up because I needed some ideas for my Halloween shelf.

Next, Ellen over at Creative Passage did two projects that I just fell in love with.  First, she did an amazing baby blanket and burp clothes.  I wish that she would have been around when I had my little boy.  I LOVE THESE!!!  I will be contacting her when I have my next one.
 Then she linked up these super cute pumpkins made from a felt sweater.  I think this is super cute.  I wish that I had a orange felt sweater laying around to do this with.
Then Courtney, over at Between U & Me, made this super cute baby shower gift.  Dang, where were all of you when I had my cute little boy!  I was super blessed and have tons of cute stuff that I got from all my sweet friends and family.  But I love this idea!

Amy, over at The Happy Scraps, made this super cute magnet board.  I love this idea.
Alright, I am so excited to what all of you guys are up too.  I promise that I have some things that I will be showing you all soon.  I can't wait!

Here is my rules are:

  1. Must be something craftie.  This can be anything!  Projects, Craft Ideas, Organization Tips, Recipes, Ect. 
  2. Link only your post, if you link your blog or anything that you are selling will deleted.
  3. Anything that is negative or inappropriate will be deleted.
  4. Visit the other links and show some love!
  5. Please let others know about my linking party so that we can all enjoy in the fun.



Fabulous Friday

Welcome to Fabulous Friday!  I just made this week's yummy recipe and I thought that I would share it.  Awhile ago  I was at a friend's house for a girl's night for just me and her.  She made this recipe that she got for her mother in law.  I loved it!  It is a super fating Alfredo sauce.  It is super yummy!

Jodi's Fettuccini Alfredo

1 Cube Butter            1 8 oz. Cream Cheese
2 C. Heavy Whipping Cream    1 C. Parmesan Cheese  
2 tsp. Garlic ( Or Garlic Salt)

Melt Butter and Cream Cheese together in pan on stove.  Beat in whipping cream. Add garlic salt.  Heat until hot.  Add parmesan cheese.  Pour over cooked fettuccini noodles (12 oz.). Serve Chicken and broccoli.

Source: Jodi Schenck

You can have any kind of noodles.  I usually use the Pennne pasta.  Also one thing that I cut back on is the Parmesan cheese.  It is not our favorite cheese.   Let me know if you try it, let me know what you think!


Homemade Cleaners

Lately, I have been wanting to make this with natural cleaners and I want to save money.  I tried out making my own Baby wipes and I LOVE THEM!!!!   The are so easy to make and they are dirt cheap.  I have had a few friends and my sister in law make them and they also really like them. 
I have also found some other recipes that I want to make.

The first is Homemade Sanitizing Wipes.  I am really excited about this.  I have to say this one will still have a chemical.  But it is still really cheap.  I found this recipe over at  The Hand Me Down House  and I can't wait to try it! 

Then I just found this one not to long ago.  It is Dishwasher Detergent over at New Nostalgia.  We didn't need it in our last house because we didn't have a dishwasher.  I can't wait to do this one soon!

I also found a great recipe for Homemade Laundry Detergent.  Now this one I have a kinda wierd reason for this.  I got a really bad rash when I was pregnant with my little one and I couldn't get it to go away till I changed my laundry detergent.  I use purex so far.  But I would love to try this.  My aunt does it and loves it!

I am way excited, I was wondering though.  Do you any of you do any cool homemade cleaners?  I would love to get some different recipes.

Tuesday Tell All #15

Welcome to Tuesday Tell All!  I am so excited to about today's features!  We had tons of people link up and some great projects.  I have to admit that I couldn't decide what to feature.  So I asked my hubbie to pick.  If you weren't featured, it was not that I don't love your project.  But my hubbie helped me decide.

So let's start with Megan, over at Polish The Stars.  She made this awesome Skull picture that she saw in the Pottery Barn magazine.  She is giving one away when she gets to 100 followers! 
Patti, over at A Crafty Escape,  did a cupcake challenage.  If any of you know me, I LUV cupcakes.  I think they are so cute and my mom made some when I was younger that I were sunflowers.  They were awesome.  I also will be making them for my son's 2nd birthday.....Sniff....  Yes, he will be 2 anyways.  Go check it out!

Chelsea, over at Craft's Anonymous Club, made these super cute Chalkboard To Do Clipboards for her kids.  I will add this to my list of things to make when my little one get a little older.
Courtney, over at Between U and Me, loves to organize and she just reorganized her craft closet.  I love how she organized her punches!  Brilliant!  Go check it out and get some great organizing ideas!

Thank you to all of you that made Tuesday Tell All a success!  Ok, so link up and show off all of your awesome projects!



Fabulous Friday

Welcome to Fabulous Friday!  I have a yummy recipe for you.  I LOVE this marinate.  Growning up this was one of the only meats that I would eat.  I have not a huge meat eater and I would eat this any time it was made.

We would purchase turkey tenders and use this marinate.  Now in the recipe it calls for marinating over night.  This is important.  You can do it before, but it will not taste as good.

I was kinda stumped today.  What kind of recipes do you want to know about?  I have a few fall one that I am so excited!  But help me out and tell me what you want.

Turkey Marinating

1 part Soy Sauce
1 part Oil
2 Parts 7 up
1/2-3/4 tsp. Garlic Podwer

Mix, pour over meat, store in fridge over night,  mixing or turning occasionally.  It works great in a seal able plastic.

* One can of pop (1 1/2 Cups, 3/4 cup oil, and 3/4 cup soy sauce will do about 5 pounds of meat very well.

Enjoy!  Let me know if you try this and what you think.


Links I LOVE!

I saw this idea where you do links on your page that you love and why.  So I thought this was a great idea and I would love to do this here.  So here it goes.

If you are looking for a really cute craftie blog, check out House of Smith's.  Shelly is so cute and tons of fun.  I would love to have her as a neighbor.  She seams like she would be a blast to hang out with a lot!

Then if you want to have check out a blog where she blogs about real life, whether it is about cleaning or decor check out The Stories from A to Z.  She is super nice and has tons of info!

For all you mom's out there I have two blogs that I really like, Sister's Stuff and Brown Paper Packages.  They both have tons of fun stuff for your kids!  Plus Sister's Stuff does a weekly menu that you can follow.

This last past month I have been trying to get on a budget.  I have found a paper one budget and then an online one that I really like!  The paper one is at Frugal Mama, and then the online one is at zion's bank website,  it is called an EZBudget

So check them out and tell me what you think.  I am going to doing this every once in while and I hope that you share some too.


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