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Everything is goiing well.

I wanted to thank everyone that has given me such great advice.  I am going a little crazy with trying to clean my mother in laws basement and get our house packed too.  Everything is falling into place very well. 

Tonight my hubbie is going to help me move everything around out there so I can get the bathroom cleaned and get some of that room organized.  We also are taking more stuff out!  I am going to take pictures of what it looks like right now and then do an after when we move in.  I am super excited to show you.

I am getting really emotional about moving.  I keep thinking about all the memories we have had here.  We have spent most of our married life here.  *sniff, sniff*.  Over all we are excited for what new things are happening in our lives.  Harrison is going to love to live with grandma, and I think that he will gain about ten pounds.  That women loves to give out treats.

I will keep you updated on everything.  Still if you have any packing tips or moving tips, I am all ears!



My dear friends, I am MOVING!!!  I am so excited, but we have to be out of our house by April 7th and I threw out my back last week.  So this should be interesting.  I will try to blog, but I might have to take a break for a while. I want to do a post about moving.  So I will try, but if I don't, Please still love me. 

Our house has been on the market since September, so this is very welcome, no more walk troughs and keeping the house super crisp clean.  Which is impossible with a little 17 month old boy! 

I was wondering though, do you have any tips or things that worked well for you when you moved?  If so please let me know!  I welcome anything that will make my life easier!  Thanks!


I have a confession...

 I have a confession... I have already decorate for SPRING!!!   Which wouldn't be a huge things since today is the first day, but I had it up a couple days after Valentine's.  I have picked up things from the DI and Savers ever since we have been married.  I started out with a few things and now I have a little bit more.  I have tons of saying for some reason for spring.  I need to actually find a  place for some of the others. 
One of my favorite things I have picked up is some egg cups.  When I bought them home I thought that they were so cute and wanted to use them.  But I was stumped on where to us them.  So I ended just packing them away and never using them.  Well this year is the year for change!  I was determined to use them some how!  I did.  Here is the picture and I love it!  I was thinking I needed more height on my shelf.  Then this idea popped in my head.  I think it turned out really cute. I am not sure why this pictures looks crocked. It wasn't.  All well!

Another one of my favorite things that I have picked up from the DI is this bunny.  It is just carved from a square piece of woods and then painted.  The paint job is not perfect nor is it something super fancy.  But I think it is so cute.

This wreath is another one of my favorites! I love the colors and it just screams spring.  Also I think it is super cute attached to my window.

Then on the back of my door, is this super cute wooden egg. I think this is super cute!
 I would put it on the outside on the door, but my hubbie has this knocker that my father got him and he won't let me cover it.  I think that I might take it down if we paint the door.  I will fight that battle when I get there!

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Cards...& more cards!

Here are more cards.  The other day my bestest friend Audrey came over and we had a blast making cards.  She is so talented and I am going to see if she will send me some pictures of the cards that she did.  They were amazing!  I should have taken a picture of what it look like when we got done!  It looked like a tornado hit my craft room. 

 I have a lot of baby showers and things coming up.  Which I am super excited about.  I have some of the gifts already made (I will post those later)!  However, I am running way low on the cards.  So I thought I would make a few.  I love these.  My friend Audrey has a white ink pad and she let me use it.  I am in love with it!

Then April is one of the busiest birthday months for my family.  Oh ya, and IT"S MY BIRTHDAY!  Ok so if you know me, you know that I love presents.  I am not greedy, I love feeling like someone took the time to get me something.  I know I need to be better, But I love them!  My favorite card is the yellow one!  It is super bright.
I was looking through my stamps and I am thought that this would be cute to do something that I could give that is kinda whatever I need it for.  But thoughtful.  I thought this would do the trick.  I am really excited to use these cards and make tons more.  I want to use all of the scraps that I have! If you want to see more of my cards check it out HERE

Thanks for stopping by!  What one is your favorite card?  Let me know!

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Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes!

I am SO excited!  Over at Stories for A to Z Beth is throwing a Shoe Party!  What girl doesn't love shoes?  I have tons of fun shoes.  Here are some.
These are some of my favorite sandals. I love to wear these sandals, but they are kinda a work out.  They are super heavy.

These are my only pair of heels.  I love heels, but my back and feet don't. I wear these to church.  When I first got them and wore them I was so close to falling all day long.  All my hubbie could do was laugh.
These are my wedding shoes.  I got married in September and had an outdoor reception.  They were so much fun.
I love flip flops.  Who doesn't?  You go to have your basic black and brown.  
During the summer these are my favorite slipper.  They are super comfortable!
These are my most wore shoes.  They go with everything and they are super comfortable.
I wish that I could say these are super wore and that I love them.  They don't get wore as much as they should.  They are really comfortable when I do work out.
OK, so these are my most favorite pair of shoes that I have.  I have lived my whole life in a city.  When my heart belongs to the country.  When ever I wear these I feel so cute!  

There you have it!  These are some of my shoes.  
What about you?  Do you have some fun shoes 
or what is your favorite pair?  What do they say about you?



A great deal!

I just bought Meet the Robinsons, Ratatouille, Atlantis, The Emperor's New Groove, Chicken Little, and The Hunchback Of Notre Dame all for $12.95, with free shipping!  I love a good deal!



Do you have a someday list, box, binder and just a bunch of ideas?  I do and today I was looking at Martha, which I have never been to before today.  Crazy, I know.  But ah my goodness!  That women is a genius. I love to look at organizing tips/solutions.  Here are some of my favorites that I found.

This is a bench that has these metal rolling storage containers.  I know all of you probably already know all about this.  But I am in love!

This is the next thing I found and fell in love with.  Isn't that such a cute idea.  I love that you can change the labels when you want to change the containers from you kitchen to your kids closet.

This I was super excited to find because or laundry room is cement and I have been wanting to change it up.  For starter it is pink.  Now this certain color must have been on a killer sell because half of our house was this color.  But I want to paint it and then put up some shelves for some storage.  This would be super cute!

 Another thing that I have in my lovely laundry room is a clothes rack.  But it isn't pretty or functional at all.  Most of the time it just gets in my way.  So I would love something like this or like this

 I LUV that!  
I thought this was way cool.  It isn't my style, but it is really functional and tons of storage. I love the tension rod that is hanging at the top.  I love things that aren't permanent.  I am funny with things and like to move then when I get tired of them. I have more that I will show you later on this week!  That woman knows what she is doing.  Even though she is crazy.  Honestly who isn't! 


I want a dress!

Over at Not so Idle Hands she is doing an amazing giveaway!  The company is called Mikarose.Oh my goodness!  These dresses are so cute!  You should check them out!  I have been thinking about getting a dress and I would love to get one of these!  So pretty!

My Scrapbook Layouts

I am super excited to show all of you my scrapbook layouts.  This will be a super long post!  But I am super excited to show you.

These are some of  my first layouts that I did.  I know kinda crazy.

Now to the really fun and cute ones.
All I need is pictures for some of them.  Let me know which one is your favorite!

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