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Our New House....

So we don't have a new house yet.  Our current home is up for sale and I hope that it sales soon!  However, I thought that I would show you our before and afters.  I have learned a lot about buying and owning a house and I am only 23. When I walked into this house I saw so much more then what it had been made into! 

So let start the tour.

So the best place to start is at the heart of the home?!  The kitchen!

Here is the kitchen how we have had it since we moved in.  It was a light robin egg blue.  The cabinets are a yellowish white.  They were aweful!  



Here is the during.  That is my sweet hubbie hard at work.

This is the afters.  I hope you enjoyed our kitchen remodel.  It was a pain, but it looks nice.  I wish that we could have redone the counter tops and the back splash.  However the budget wasn't there.



Sickness at our house

I am sorry I have been slacking this weekend, I have been sick with a nasty cold.  Plus my little boy has shingles with a bacterial infection inside the shingles.  Which he has been really good, just a little bit more clingy then usual.  So projects will be posted soon.




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Show and Tell...

Over @ Blue cricket designs they are hosting a Show and Tell Party.

I wanted to show off some of my Christmas decor.

This is an old window that my brother gave to me.  My mom let me borrow the star till I could get a wreath of my own.

This is the top of my armoire.  The Merry Christmas is my mom (don't you just loves moms).  The sleighs I got at Bath and Body Works after Christmas sell for $.25.  Then the glass containers came from Tai Pan for just a couple of bucks.  Then I filled them with left over ornaments.

  This wreath I made when I was little.  It is made from a metal ring and ribbon.  Super easy!

Last but not least!  My shelf!  This is one of my favorite things in our house.  The decorations are from every where.  The Santa was given to me a work Christmas party, White elephant.  Then the Believe sign I got from Tai Pan.  The garland and ornaments I were extra.  The tree and candle stick holders came from the good old DI.  We don't have a fireplace in this house (we will in the next!) So the stocking were hung here.

I hope you enjoyed and next time I will have some super cute things!  I have tons of gifts that I want to show, but I can't.  Thanks for stopping by!


My Christmasie House

Alright!  This is our humble house this Christmas season.

Let's start with the tree

Ok so, our star is really ugly and I have been trying to spray paint it and now I hate it even more.  *Sigh*  I know that it needs more spice.  We don't have the funds to get more stuff, I am doing with what I have!

Next is a sweet table that my mom gave to me.  She is redoing her layout and it won't fit.  Thank goodness!  I love it!  This has all of the stuff that is child proof.  I have a one year old that is 33 inches tall.  So I needed things that wouldn't break.

Then there is my precious shelf!  I got it off of a KSL classified, it was only $40 and it was in perfect condition.  I went to a craft fair and it was almost triple that!  Whew, I am glad I snatched it up and have never regretted it!

Then our side table

Our Armoire, I also bought off of KSL Classified. By the time I went to pick it up only 3 hours later she has a list of 15 people that wanted it.  She had more but told them it was a ready sold.

 So the top I have three square glass jar that I filled with leftover ornaments.  They weren't tall enough for my liking so I put two DVD cases under each one.  Then some garland and the Merry Christmas sign is my mom's.  She wasn't going to use it.  Then the sleighs are from Bath and Body Works for like $.25 each after Christmas sales.  The ornament that I hung on the door was a gift.

This little wreath I made when I was little.  It is made from a medal ring,  green ribbon, a little bow, a small bell (which you can't see) and some string to hang it.  Great kid craft for snowy days like today.  Well if you have the stuff!

I never decorated the bathroom for holidays, but I had extra and I didn't like what was on the back of the toilet so this is what happens!

I hope you enjoyed my tour of my Christmas decor.  If you have any questions just let me know and I would be more then happy to help!

Thanks for stopping by!


Welcome to My Craftie Life By Melissa.  I am super excited to have you visit my blog!  I decided to start a blog that is devoted to just my crafting things.  I also would like to keep my personal life as private as possible.  I love the internet and the wonderful things that you can do with it.  But if anything were to be used as it was not intended, namely anything with my son, I would be sick!  So welcome to My Craftie Life!

Here are a few things that I have done in past projects. I hope you enjoy!

My very first rag quilt:

The Di Lamp:

The message board:

Then my new found love... Sewing!!!!!

Full size hooded towels:

My first Nursing cover:

My first baby blanket for my son.  It is his favorite! (If anyone is interested I would love to do a tutorial.  It is super easy and takes about an hour. At least for me because I am new to sewing.)

Beaded watch bands:

 The wooden pumpkins:

 The refridgeator magnets that were made from those stupid phone book magnets:

 My chip board book turned into an Photo album:

I think that is a lot of what I have posted so far on my other blog.  But I have so much more.  I would like to show you the remold of our house and how I have decorated it!

We have recently canceled our cable TV and it has been such a great thing!  I have gotten so much done!  Hopefully today I will be able to get pictures of our christmas tree and Christmas decor to show off! 


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