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Tuesday Tell All #14

Welcome to Tuesday Tell All.  I am so excited about last weeks party.  We had 13 entries!  That is the second highest that I have ever had.  Hurray!!!!  So if you are new and just stopping by welcome and be sure to link up!

Now on to the great projects.  I know that in weeks past I have featured all that linked up.  Well I wish that I could do this.  However, it is such a big task that if you didn't get features, doesn't meant that I don't love you project.  It is just that my crazy life is to buzy to do all of them.  So here are a few of this weeks projects.

Clarrisa Emily,over at a little stone house, linked up this amazing Chocolate Truffle.  I was way surprised at how easy it was.  So stop over and get the yummy recipe!

Ellen, over at Creative Passage, hates to buy wash clothes.  Don't we all!  So she shows us how to make them over of old towels.  Such a great idea.  I think when I buy new towels I will just buy two extra towels and make some.  Thanks for this awesome idea!
Jenna, over at Running Wild, show us her awesome entertainment center.  The best part is that she made it with her daughter (silly me, it was her sister!  I am so sorry)!  Cool huh?!
Amy, over at The Happy Scraps, made this super cute tote out of a place mat. I love this idea and that possibilities are endless.
Now it is that time so see what other great projects you have done!

Here is my rules are:

  1. Must be something craftie.  This can be anything!  Projects, Craft Ideas, Organization Tips, Recipes, Ect. 
  2. Link only your post, if you link your blog or anything that you are selling will deleted.
  3. Anything that is negative or inappropriate will be deleted.
  4. Visit the other links and show some love!
  5. Please let others know about my linking party so that we can all enjoy in the fun.



Things I need to get done!

I have about a million things that need to get done!  So I need to have accountable.  I am listing the off in no order the things I need to get done.

  • File Folder Games for Church
  • Flash Card Games for Church
  • My hubbie's hunting quilt. Since he is going in three weeks! Yickes!
  • Orgainzing the front room so that I can show you the cool things that I have done!
  • Get ready for a yard sale
  • Not spend any money 
  • Give everyone their stuff back
  • Decorate for Halloween
  • File a bunch of papers
  • Find my son's fall clothes
  • Read my magazine's so I can pass them on.
Yes, this is only the really important things that I need to get done.  Plus, I need to sleep, be a wife and a mother.  This is not going to be hard at all.  HA!  I hope that I will get this done in about three weeks!  Crazy, but doable!  I will be updating you through this whole process.

Wish me luck!


Fabulous Friday

Alright, I know that I bombed it last week, but I am prepared this week!  Since we live with my mother in law, she decided that we needed chickens.  So one day she came home and had chicken, and turkeys.  I am not even kidding.  So my hubbie spent all night making them a box to live in for a few weeks till we could get a coup make. 

Anyways, we have TONS of eggs.  We get all least 4-5 a day.  So this is one of my favorite recipe if you have tons of eggs that you need to get rid of.  I received this recipe from my super sweet friend, Starla.  We actually had it tonight and it was delicious.  My sister in law had thirds. 

German Pancakes
6 Eggs
1 C Milk
1 C Flour
Pinch of Salt
6 T. Butter

Put 6 T. Butter in a 9*13 pan (this is important, because it raises on the sides) and put in oven till it starts to pop.  While butter is melting add eggs, flour, milk and salt together.  You can sift the flour to make it mix better.  When butter is ready, pour mixture into pan and bake 20 mins at 375 Degrees.  If your side are huge, not a big deal.

I have to share with my hubbie did the other day.  I know he won't like. But he never reads my blog anyways.  So he called and asked what I wanted him to start for dinner. I was doing hair.  I told him that we had a ton of eggs, so to do German Pancakes.  He asked how to make them and I told him the recipe. I called him on the way home and he said that he had it in the oven and would be done when I got home.  I was so excited and he was so sweet to do this for me. 

Well I walked in the door and the first thing he said was that he did somethings to jazz it up a bit.  I was scared.  He does this all the time and I am a recipe kinda girl.  I asked what he did.  He said that he had used wheat flour.  I was excited to see how they turned out with wheat flour.  But when I went to check on them,  they looked like a cake.  Which they are really thin, so I was way confused.  I asked why and he replied, "don't worry I made a double batch."  I about died laughing.  If you do a double batch you make them in two different pans.  He didn't know this.  Well needless to say, they didn't turn out how he had planned.  Everyone eat them, I had a hard time but it was eatable. 

Do you guys have any stories like that?



Homemade Baby Wipes

I am so excited to tell you about what I did.  The other day I was at a linking party and I saw a link about homemade wipes.  Which when I first had my son I would have never ever done.  Now I am all about saving money and not spending money on things that are just going to be thrown away.

So I went over to Homemade Mama's  to see how hard it was.  I was surprised at how simple it was.  So I thought, "Heck, I can do this!"  I went to Walmart and bought the baby oil today, which is crazy how expensive it is.  Next time I will be shopping at the dollar store.

I came home and got to work.  I followed her tutorial and it was cake.  The only thing was that I am crazy and I folded all of the wipes and put them in my wipe container.  I know, but I only had an ugly container to store them in.  Also it was really beat up.

The supplies that I used were: Johnson's baby moisture wash (Free, baby shower gift, but at Walmart $1.98), Johnson's Shea & Cocco Butter Baby oil ($3.24 at Walmart), Bounty Paper Towels (Free, Thanks mom! I think it is are $1.25 at Walmart) and tap water (Free).  So under 50 cents a batch!  I know!  That is crazy!!!!  I am so excited.  I think that I might try to find a thicker paper towel.  I don't want to get poop on me!  I know it willt happen, but I can still hope. I used them for today's poopy diaper and they were great!

Aren't they cool!  I am so excited! 



Tuesday Tell All #13

Hello, Hello!  I am so happy that you have stopped by.  To start off, MY BUTTONS FINALLY WORK!!!!  It only took my brother and his amazing computer skills to get them to work, but they do!  He also help with making my blog look cooler!  Thanks Ryan!  I will be making a button for Tuesday Tell All also.  Grab my button and put it on you blog, also if you have been featured, make sure to grab that one too!   For today, we have some awesome projects and a yummy recipe.  Let's get this show on the road!

Clarissa Emily, over at A Little Stone House linked up this Yummy Banana Bread Recipe.  Yes, please I will have a loaf or two!
She also did this super cute Topiary Wreath.  All I can say is this woman has tons of patience.  That looks like it took forever and was worth every second.  I love those flowers.
Next, we have a new visitor, her name is Mayya, over at Sew Chic & Unique.  I saw her linked up to another blog and had to invite her.  She was so sweet.  I had share this.  I feel in love.  This is her sewing room.  I can't wait till one day I have something like this.
Another newbie to my party is Donene, over at Easy Peasy Grandma.  I also saw her on another link party and invited her.  She made this amazing cute kindle bag.  Which if I ever get one I will be making!  I love the felt flowers.
Then my friend LaDeeDa,  over at LaDeeDa Creations stopped by to show us another of her wonder creations.  She did a super cute leopard headband.  So cute!
Then Mummy Crafts, stopped by again is show us how to make bean bags.  I love the idea of using bird seed. 
Alright!  It is a new week and I am so excited to see what you guys have for me to see!

Here is my rules are:

  1. Must be something craftie.  This can be anything!  Projects, Craft Ideas, Organization Tips, Recipes, Ect. 
  2. Link only your post, if you link your blog or anything that you are selling will deleted.
  3. Anything that is negative or inappropriate will be deleted.
  4. Visit the other links and show some love!
  5. Please let others know about my linking party so that we can all enjoy in the fun.



Holy Cow!

I have to do a shout out to my followers!  There is 61 of you guys now!  You all are so amazing and I super honored that you all find me that cool to take precious time of your life to stop by and show me the love!  You all are great!  Thank you so much!



Fabulous Friday (Saturday)

Did you know that yesterday was Friday?  Hello, neither did I, I am so sorry. I have a super yummy recipe that I had planned!  This Chicken and Rice recipe is one of my favorite dishes from my childhood.  My mom would make this two or three times a month and we always had some yummy leftovers.  It is one dish that you can freeze and reheat and it is really yummy. 

Chicken & Rice

1 Chicken, cooked, Deboned, & diced
1 pkg. Chicken Rice-A-Roni
2 Cans Cream of Chicken Soup
1/2 C Chicken Broth or water
Cheese, grated

Cook and dice chicken, then set aside.  Cook Chicken Rice-A-Roni according to directions on the package.  Mix everything together except cheese.  Put into a 9*13 pan.  Add grated cheese (how much you want) on top.  Cover with foil.  Cook for 30 mins at 350 degrees.  Uncover for 5 mins to finish melting cheese.  If you don't over cook, you can freese and reheat.  It freezes great. 

(When you cook the chicken, we like to do salt, celery and onions.  It is yummy!)

If you try this, let me know what you think!


Tuesday Tell All #12

Welcome back!  I am so excited that you have stopped by to see what everyone has to offer and link up your amazing projects! I also finally made new buttons and I am still working on getting the code box.

Let start by what we saw last week!

LaDeeDa, stopped by to keep us posted about her challenge.  She is almost done and I am so excited for her!  This is one of her last projects in this challenge.  She made a Message in a bottle out of felt.  How cute!
She also did a play and take kitchen.  I LOVE this idea.  I live in a basement and love things that I can fold and put away!
Laurie, over at Scene of the Grime, linked up a few projects.  I love this first project.  I am really weird, I am not into sea shells like everyone is.  But I do love coral.  Laurie, found some at walmart for $8.  Hello!  I would have never thought to look there.

She also linked up a cool project where she spray painted a ring that was gold to silver, it looks amazing!
She also linked up a cool coupon organizer that you can win!  Head over and check it out!

Clarissa Emily, from A Little Stone House, linked an amazing charm necklaces.  She does a great tutorial on how to make them and you can make them super personal.
Over at Mummy Crafts, she made a super cute tote bag.  I love bags and I would love this one!

Here is my rules are:
  1. Must be something craftie.  This can be anything!  Projects, Craft Ideas, Organization Tips, Recipes, Ect. 
  2. Link only your post, if you link your blog or anything that you are selling will deleted.
  3. Anything that is negative or inappropriate will be deleted.
  4. Visit the other links and show some love!
  5. Please let others know about my linking party so that we can all enjoy in the fun. 



Fabulous Friday

The other day I wanted to buy oreos.  Then I remembered how yummy mine are.  I had just organized some of our storage and saw that I had all of the stuff.  I made them and they are so delicious.  They also are super fast to make.  Which is super important to me!  

I just have one warning, they are so sweet that you can only eat one or two.  Let me know what you think when you make them.

2 Boxes of Chocolate Cake Mix (I use a Chocolate Fudge)
4 Eggs
3/4 C oil

Mix together.  Roll into quarter size balls and place on a greased cookie sheet.  Bake @ 350 degree for 8-10 mins

8 oz Cream Cheese
2 2/3 C Powder Sugar
1 tbs. Vallina

Mix together.

Wait for cookies to cool and frost.  Then grab a cup of milk and enjoy!

Makes 20 medium size cookies.


My New Buttons

I am so excited to show you guys my new buttons.  They are on my side bar.  I am so sorry that it has taken so long  to get a featured button.  You will soon be able to put them on your blogs!  Wahoo!


My life has just changed!

Hello!  I just saw the coolest thing ever!  I honestly think that this will change my life!   I am not even kidding.  Megan or "Ms. Apple" over at Brassy Apple was on Studio 5 (a morning show here in Utah) and showed how to do iron on decals for your walls.  I was kinda confused at first.  It is so easy and amazing!    You can go here to watch this amazing idea.



Tuesday Tell All #11

Hello again!  It is that time again.  Tuesday Tell All.  I am so excited, last week was the biggest link party that I have had yet.  The projects were amazing.  Here is highlights from all the projects.

Summer, over at Sumo's Sweet Stuff, did these super cute interchangeable headbands. I am so excited.  I want to  make some for myself.  I can't wear those super cute metal or wire headbands.

Then Clarissa Emily over at A Little Stone House, show us how to do this amazing cloche from Goodwill items. Can I have the treat inside too?  Yummy!
Carolina, over at Expect Moore, did this super cute Pocket book from a hand me down quilt. 
Over at Mummy Crafts, made is super cute camera strap out of scrap material.
Kimmy, over at My Beautifully Blessed Life, found this cute mirror at a thrift store and painted it white.  I have something just like this and yes, I will be painting it white.
Over at Southern Girl Creation, she linked a couple of projects this week.  Her first project she linked up was these super funky clip board.  Fun huh?! I think I want a polka dot one please!
The other project was this super cute fabric covered composition book.  I just found some at my house and I want to do some of these.  Cute, I know.
Jess, over at Frugal with a Flourish, made these amazing mirror for only a dollar.  Crazy!
Darrah, over at D to the 4th Power, link four really cute projects this week.  The first being a framed fabric Menu Board.   I LOVE this fabric.  SO SO SO CUTE!
Then she was felt her mantel needed a makeover.  So she found some stuff from her house and reused it.
I love this idea!  I don't really care about coasters, but after I saw these fabric coasters, I might just have to have some.
These lunchbox are SO cute!  I can't even wait for my little one to be able to have one!
Marty, over at Barefoot & Pony-Tailed,  made this crackle frame.  I love how it turned out.
Tammy, Over at Flutegal Crafts, an Ampersand Applique Pillow.  Simply gorgeous.
Our returning friend, Laurie, over at Scene of the Grime.  Linked up her amazing idea of how to reuse wrought iron from a bench.  What an amazing idea!
Kathy, over at Dandelions and Dust Bunnies. Made these super cute tile picture.  This was such a cute idea.  My parents have a box of tile that I am going to ask them for so I can do this!
Thanks to all of you that linked up!  I think this weeks party was such a great success.  I am so excited to see what you guys have for me this week.  Also don't forget about Fabulous Friday.



My First Blogging Award

I am so excited to tell you all, I have recieved my first blogging award.  I am so excited and very honored.  Amanda over at Colors Not Yet Invented was the sweet person who gave me this award.  She said that I had a lot of great ideas! 

I went and visited her blog and she has so much fun stuff.  She is such a talented women.  Some of my favorite things that I saw on her blog was this super fun movie night.  I would love to do something like this.  She shows you how to do this and the fun stuff that they did. I mean look at this super cute invite.  Who wouldn't want to come!

Here is there movie!
I love how she decorated her dogs treat jar. What dog wouldn't want a cool treat jar like that!
Another project that she did was a craft room/ playroom in her basement.  Look at her wall!  She hand painted it. 
Here is her super cute playroom!  I would love to have somewhere like this.
So go over and take a look at her super cute site.  I love it!

I am now passing it on to:
Beth over at From A to Z
Shelly over at House of Smith's
Cheri over at I am Momma- Hear Me Roar 
Missy over at The Little Green Bean
Kierste over at Brown Paper Packages
Tammy over at Flutegal Crafts
Kaysi over at Keeping it Simple
Laurie over at Scene of the Grime


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