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My first Spray Project

I have a love affair with spray paint.  Ask my hubbie, he thinks it is a sickness.  I thought that I would show you where it all started. 

We had lived in our house for about a year and half and our house still didn't have much lighting.  One day while on one of my trips to the DI I found this awful lamp for $3.  But I saw what it could be.  So I bought it!
I brought it home and this was before I knew that you need to sand it.  I did prime it.  Then I sprayed it black.  I was amazed at how great it look after. 

I knew that it would look good.  But I didn't think that it would be this great.  I loved how it looked.  Then I found a lamp shade at the DI!  I love that place. Here is the finished project.
Me and spray paint=True Love!

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It has begun..

Last night after we put the little one to bed I got a bee in my bonnet.  I cleaned up the floor and then I walked past my sad craft room.  Then then I got the bright idea to clean it out.  Now mind you this is like 10 at night.  I have to show you how sad it looks!

These pictures are awful!  I am sorry we live in the basement.  So I started to clean it out to that I could organize.  I love that feeling of cleaning something and know thing it will be amazing in the end.

I wanted to list the things that I planned for this room.  You can see the frame that is sticking out, that will be painted turquoise.  I am not sure if it will be a dark or light.  Then I am going to cover a piece of sheet  metal with dark brown burlap over it.  I am super excited.  Then I have baby food jars that I will be spraying the lid and then putting a magnet on the bottom and using them for containers on my  magnet board.

My hubbie will be building me a table that will fold down when it is not in use!  This space is a little small, but mine none the less. I am super excited to be able to have a little retreat!

I will show you hopefully next week how I have organized my awesome craft room.  Hope to see you soon!


Tuesday Tell All #3

Welcome Tuesday Tell All, I love that you have stopped by. Today is not a project that I have done, it is a plead for help!  Before we move we had a great neighbor that was redoing there house and getting rid of tons of stuff. I mean two rooms full of stuff!  I couldn't believe what they were going to ship of to the DI or throw away.  When I stumbled on this amazingness, it was like Christmas morning!

Now with that said, I got tons of free stuff!  With that said, I was given a great glass jar that is HUGE!  I have no clue what to do with it.  So HELP!!!!  Here is a picture of what it looks like:
What should  I do with it?  I have a one year old little boy that loves this, so keep that in mind when you are helping me out.  If you read my last post we just moved and I have a craft room.  I was thinking that I could use it for ribbon or something. 

I have another glass jar that I found  at the DI for $2.  I know!  There was a lady that followed me around to see if I would put it back.  It was really funny.
Isn't it amazing?  I love the  shape of it. My hubbie couldn't understand why I needed it.  Then I got it home cleaned it up and he told me that he was glad I bought it. I am thinking that it would look great in our bathroom.  We have tons of space and I think that it would be fun to use this somehow.Another thing is that I live with my mother in law and we share a kitchen.  So I can't use this in the kitchen.

Let me know what you think!  Thanks so much.

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My Craft Room!

As most of you know that I just moved in with my mother in law and we live in the basement.  I know what you are thinking, a dark, dingy, basement.  That is not that case at all.  It is a great space.  Most of all, a closet, because the closet space is lacking.  Well we don't need alot of closet space so my wonderful hubbie has given me the ok to finally have a craft area.  Hurray!

I will have somewhere to have my Cricut, sewing machine and scrapbooking stuff where I can actually use it. I know I am jumping for joy.  Now this is the last place that I have unpacked because I knew once that was done I would not do anything else.  So I have made myself do that first and now that it is so close to being done I can start to think about how I want to organize and decorate it.  I am so excited!

I went and visited good old Martha's website and this is what I found:

I like the clip boards, but I don't know if this is really what I want.  I think it is kinda modern.

I love this idea!  But I actually have a room, so no go.  But if you have a small space, why a great idea.  Or if you work at home and have toddlers, great option!
I LOVE these shelves.  I think that I will be able to use these somehow.  I am not sure where, but I will find a why.  I think that my colors will be a little brighter.  

This is another thing that I LOVE! I want to do these for my craft room and also my kitchen.  I don't have one right now.  But when I get a kitchen I will have these! I have one already that I use for my scrap ribbon.  
I will have these.  I was at the Di a while back and they had all of  their large frames on sale for half off.  I found one without glass, which is what I wanted.  I am going to get a piece of scarp metal and put a fabric over top of it and then I want to get these containers and use them for buttons and metal embellishments for scrapbooking.  I am so excited!   Do any of you have any idea where I can buy them that I would have to sell my child to buy more the one?

I can't wait to show you my before and after.  I hope to start working on this next week!  Thanks for stopping by!

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Have You Ever?

Have you ever felt the feeling of standing in a room that you have been cleaning for days and it is almost there?  I felt that feeling last night.  I was in "one of those moods," you know the one where you feel as though you just drank a 64 oz of Dr. Pepper and you can't sleep.  I have been so stressed that I haven't had any desire to unpack our front room.  Well last night was a great night and I got tons done!  I can't wait till I can decorate my house so that I can show you all.  

I have so many fun craft ideas that I am so excited to share.  I also have found four websites that you have can print pictures off and all you have to do is pay shipping.  For 25 pictures you can go to Snapfish and York.  Then for 50 you can go to Fuji and Kodak.  You just have to sign up for an account. I have done this and shipping is like $1.99.  So it is really reasonable.  


Walgreen Deals!

I know that my last post was about using coupons, but I need to tell you about what I was able to buy today.  I went to Walgreen's and used my coupons that I got when I bought Greg's shower gel on Monday.  When I was pregnant with my little boy I got this weird rash on my legs.  Well I couldn't really do anything because I was prego.  Then it magically went away.  Well ever since I have had really sensitive skin. Which means that I have had to change my laundry detergent.  Which is weird because I have used Tide my whole life.  Well I changed to Purex and it has worked amazing.  Which I love because it goes on sale for really cheap and they usually have coupons to make it cheaper!  Wahoo!

Long story just to tell you that I purchased 6 Purex 32 loads for $2.32. 

Crazy I know.  This is how I was able to do it.  When I went on Monday I bought 2 of the Old Spice Body wash and there was a print out for $4.50 (which is was they cost). 

Well I had a coupon buy one get one free, I got two free. Then today I bought a Gillette shave gel and I had a coupon to get one free.  I also recieved another $4.50 print out.  Then I used the three $4.50 coupons and the Purex was on sale for $2.95.

Was confusing!  But it worked out great! I am so excited and I love using coupons.  If you have any cool deals let me know.  I promise that I will have something cool planned to show next week.  Also I need your help with something that I am stumped on!



Tuesday Tell All Couponing #2

It is Tuesday Tell All again!  I am really excited about today's topic. I was thinking yesterday about what I wanted to talk about, and I was couponing.  Which I try to do as much as I can.   I read awhile back that for every hour you coupon correctly you can save about $100.  Which I thought was quite the pay off.  So I started doing more couponing.

I use two different sites alot.  The first is Freebies 2 and the other is Pinching Your
Freebies 2 Deals is great from Online deals and target deals.  She only posts the best deals. Which is what I like about Pinching You Pennies.  They post all of the deal in the add.  The main things is find a site that works for you!

I have to tell you about my shopping trip yesterday.  I started my journey at Walgreens.  They have Old Spice Body Wash on sell for $4.49 which I thought that it was a terrible price.  Till I saw that you got $4.49 store credit.  Which means that it is free!  Then I had a coupon that was buy one get one free.  I got 2 for the price of one and I got the store credit.  Well I had two of coupons so got 4 for $8.98 and $8.98 of instore credit.  I also purchase 2 packs of gum for $1.  Which is awesome! You do have to do them in separate transactions.

Then we were off to Smith's, where they were having their double coupons days!  Wahoo!  Any coupon under a dollar would change up to $1.  This are the things that I got:

1 Febreeze Air Effect
1 Dawn Dish Soap
1 2 pack of Dial Bar Soap
1 Hot Wheels Toothbrush
1 Sunny D Juice
1 Listerine Pocket Pack
1 Gillette Shave Gel
1 No Yoke Noodles
2 Mentos Gum Packs
3 boxes of Band Aid's
2 Hershey candy bars

Which if I bought it not on sell with coupons it would have been $36.06 before taxes.  I bought it for a grand total for $10.18 with tax!  I know crazy!

It get better, one of the reasons I bought the Band- Aids other then it was an awesome deal.  Was I bougth Princess and The Frog for a screaming deal at $8.95 when it first came out.  But Band-Aid has a rebate if you bought both the movie and two boxes of Band-Aids.  So I will get $5.00 back! Wahoo.

Do you use any web sites that you use?  I would love to take a look.

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Tuesday Tell All #1

I am so excited to introduce Tuesday Tell All!  Since we moved in I have been try to organize everything in different storage.  My mother in law has been SO great to work with.  She has an AMAZING storage room and she has given us about half of it for our storage.  But I just stuffed everything in there.  Well it wasn't fitting so I had to think of a way to use the shelves so that I could get the best storage out of them  A while back I saw some had used those old wire cube that were so popular for  kids room a while back.  Well she had used them for paper storage in her craft room.  I thought that was so great!

I was a part of Free Cycle and just asked if there was only one getting rid of some.  Well I got tons!  So I did a storage unit for under our  bathroom sink.  We had a  tiny vanity!  So I had to use as much as I could.  I still have to think how I am going to do it for our new bathroom.  We have a huge vanity now.

I had these huge shelves to work with and so I took two panels for the side and them I took a can of vegetables and measured how much space I needed.  Then I took three more panels for the inside and zip tied them to the two side panels.  But I made it three sections so that I could get the maximum storage. It turned out great!

Here is the Before picture!

Here is the process of adding all of the cans. 

Then here is the after
I have loved this!  It works so well and I have freed up tons of space so that we can store more stuff in here.  It fit prefect and my hubbie thinks that it is pretty cool.  I hope to show you more cool stuff that I am planning in the upcoming weeks on Tuesday Tell All.

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Is anyone there?

Hello out there!  I know that I have not blogged in forever!  I am SO excited to say that I have the internet and that I am working on a few projects that I think that you will like.  I am really stoked about one of them.  If any of you know me, I love to organize.  I am a little TOO crazy about it.  I love to know where things are and I love to think of ways to make my life and maybe yours.  I will be posting at the beginning of next week the project that I am talking about.  

Also I have some fun ideas for my blog that I hope that you will be participating in with me. I want to do a Tuesday Tell All.  I would love to hear great ideas about cleaning, decorating, organizing, pretty much anything that you would like to share.  I will start this next Tuesday, this might turn into a linking party when we get the participation that we could do that!  I hope that you will all join me.

Check back on Tuesday for my cool organization project that I have been working on!


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