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Feature Friday

Welcome back to Feature Friday!  I am so sorry that I am late today.  The flu has hit our house.  Yuck, I know.  How who,on to the cool projects.

LaDeeDa, Over at LaDeeDa Creation.  She is still trudging along on her 30 day journey of not stepping into a craft store.  I love this!  She linked three really cool projects this week.  The first project was this cool shirt.  She did it using bleach.  I know, cool huh?!

The next one she did was THIS cool project.  It was her grandma's old purse and she made it into this beautiful clutch.  I would love to have something like this.  So pretty and elegant. 
This is the last great project that she linked.  She made this paint brush holder, for all of her paint brushes.  I think this is such a great idea if you are like me and are always losing them.  Another great thing was that she made it from a placemat.
Stacy from Faith and Family, made this super cute Decorative Jewelry Jar.  She made it for her little girl, but this idea could be used for anything!
Laurie from Scene of the Grime, stopped by again and shared two project with us.  The first was this super funky Duct Tape letter.  With all the cool colors that they have this idea could have tons of different ways to do it.  I love how her turned out!
She also redid these tow plaques for her mom who loves music.  I never would have thought to do something like this.  I love the look, it looks like it was made this way!
This next project comes from a new friend, Clarissa, over at A Little Stone House.  She made this super cute hair accessory holder.  Someday when I have a cute little girl I will have one that looks pretty much like this one!  It turned out great!
This next idea I thought was genious.  If any of you know me, you know that I hate mail and papers all over.  Sara over at Sara's Little Dabblings, made this super cute paper organizer with a popsicle box, white paint, and tissue paper.
I am so excited about all of these ideas.  I am so grateful for your support on my little blog.  It is so fun to have people who are willing to take time out of your day to come over and visit.  See you next week and once again thanks for your patience.


Bad Week

I am sorry to do this, I will be posting tomorrow the features.  I have had a hard very busy week.  We also have had the flu this week. Yuck, I know.  Thanks for your understanding and see you tomorrow.


My Maganet Board!

Welcome Welcome!  I am so glad that you all came for Tuesday Tell All! I have an amazing hubbie and I was able to get some crafting done this weekend. Hurray!  I have been wanting to do somethings.  This is one of them.

A while back I got the idea to do a magnet board.  One day I was out thrifting with my friend Katie and she told me about a sweet sale on huge frames at the Di. They were all half off, so of course I wanted to go.  If I had more room I would have bought more then just one.  But this is the one that I decided on.

I bought a Rustoleum Ultra Cover 2x Aqua Spray paint.  I LUV this stuff! I was amazed at how amazing this stuff is.  I love how it turned out!

Then my friend gave me a piece of sheet metal for my birthday.  I covered it with brown burlap and glued it to the frame.  I am so excited to for the new addition to my craft room.

I then went to Ikea and got these awesome containers!  I can't wait to organize and fill them up.  My craft room is coming together great!  I can't wait till I have done some more to show you.

Now on to the linking party!

Here is my rules are:
  1. Must be something craftie.  This can be anything!  Even recipes. 
  2. Link only your post, if you link your blog or anything that you are selling will deleted.
  3. Anything that is negative or inappropriate will be deleted.
  4. Visit the other links and show some love!
  5. Please let others know about my linking party so that we can all enjoy in the fun. 
 I will be doing Feature Friday every week.  I can't wait till to see what you guys have for me. 



Feature Friday

I have to thank all of you that linked up  We had 4 different people this week!  I love to projects that were linked up.  I am going to start with Laurie over at Scene of the Grime, she is so talented and thinks outside the box.  Like with this cool man hole cover.  She saw it on the side of the road and had her kid put it in the car.  She then decided to put it on the back of the house with a rubber door mat that she spray painted  and cut up.
Then she also did Fabric Flower Pom Pom.  It was made from T-shirts.  They are fun bright colors and can be used a ton of different ways.

This week we had a new face here!  Her name is Brandi over at Tales of a Domestic Goddess.  She linked up some of her kitchen decor.  It is SO cute!  She did it Yellow, I  was not a fan of yellow.  But I think that this changed my mind!  I love this!

Another new face here is Emily over at Mile's ABC's.  She did an amazing job at redoing a desk for her daughter's room.  I would happily have this in my home!
Then LeDeeDa stopped by again to share in her 30 day craft challenge. She needed organize some of her craft items.   This is  what she came up with!  Genius.
She also linked up a great idea for dinner!  Burger Sliders.  I am going to do this for my hubbie and son.
Well thanks for linking up and all of you great ideas. I can't wait to see what other awesome projects and recipes .

Hope to see you next week!



Chicken Salad Sandwhich

I know that everyone has there own version of Chicken Salad Sandwhich.  This is mine!

Chicken Salad Sandwhich
2 C. Cubed Chicken
2/3 C Tibit Drained Pineapple
1 C Chopped Celery
1/2 C Silver Almonds
1 C Red Grapes
1/2 tsp Salt
1/2 C Whipping creme

1/2 C Mayo

Combined everything except Mayo.  Chill for 2 hours.  Then add 1/2 C Mayo.

I know that tons of people like Croissant, but I don't.  I know I am crazy.  But I really don't like them.  I would eat with the salad, but I never loved them!  However, I made it one day because I had all of the stuff and then we didn't have croissants, but we had the French Steak Rolls from Walmart. They are to die for!  We decided to try it.  It was amazing!  Then my awesome hubbie took it a step further and decide to stuff them instead of cutting the roll in half.  It is super yummy.  You all should try this!

Let me know what you think.



Tuesday Tell All #9

Welcome back everyone!  I am super excited to have you stop by.  I am way excited about today.  As most of you know, we moved in with my mother in law back in April.  Ever since I have been trying to make the downstairs our little home while we are here.

Know in our last house our bathroom was tiny.  I honestly think that was an understatement.  Now that we live here, we have a HUGE bathroom, at least to us.  I thought that I would show you all the cool things that we have done.

To start off, I love this huge vanity, if I had my way I would paint it a rich chocolate brown and have brushed nickle knobs.  I love how much stuff we can store in here.  Our old vanity was honestly a 1/4th the size of this one.
 I was thinking about what to do with this big wall.  Then I remembered that I have all these frames from our reception.   I had printed off these pictures and they were just sitting in my craft room.  I asked my hubbie to come help me hang them straight and this is what it looks like.
 Then if you read my post last week, we just cleaned out our garage.  We have inherited a ton of really fun furniture that I have not used.  This piece is one of them.  I had a huge toilet paper stash, and I was sick of running out and having to run the the storage room.  I was thinking where to put this and I thought this would be perfect for toilet paper!
 I have a HUGE stash of vinyl lettering that I have bought over the years.  This is one of them.  I want to start using the stuff that I have.  So I put this one on the mirror.

This cubby was here before we moved in.  There was no shelves so I talked my hubbie into making some.  I know I need to paint them.  But for now they are working just fine.
 I also showed in one of my last posts about how I scored those awesome glass containers for the bathroom.  Look how cute they look all filled up.  Funny story about the cotton balls.  My son thought that they were marshmallows.  So my hubbie let him try one.  Needless to say, he didn't eat it.  Thank goodness.

Last but not least, this amazing bath tub!  It is like having a hotel bathroom at our house.  I bought the organizer at Ross forever ago and it has come in handy.
 I love our new bathroom and I hope that you do to.

Alright now why you are all here!  The linking party.  I am so excited about this.

Here is my rules are:
  1. Must be something craftie.  This can be anything!  Even recipes. 
  2. Anything that is negative or inappropriate will be deleted.
  3. Visit the other links and show some love!
  4. Please let others know about my linking party so that we can all enjoy in the fun. 
Also if you saw my Feature Friday yesterday you might have been confused!  I will be doing that on Friday every week.  I am so excited!

I am linking to these parties.


Feature Friday

I want  to start off by thanking the 3 people that linked up to my very first linking party! 
I had some much fun looking at the such cute projects that you guys did. 

I want to highlight all the projects that were linked up.  They were all so fun!  

The first person to link up was Laurie from Scene of the Crime.  She has some really fun projects that she has done.  She linked up her silver leafed sea shell that  she made for a fraction of the price. Check it out HERE.

She also linked up this great idea to dress up your windows.  I have never seen anything like this.  This looks to elegant.  I loved how hers turned out. Check them out HERE  She shows you exactly how to make these yourself.

The next one to link up was April over at You, Me & The Kid. She did these super cute drink koozies for a girl's weekend.  They turned out so cute.  You should check them out HERE.  I love the bright colors!

Then LaDeeDa over at  LaDeeDa Creations stopped by to show us some of her really cute projects.  She is doing a 30 day challenge where she doesn't step into a crazy store for 30 days!  I think that is such a great idea and I should do this.  I have so many project that need to get done.  

She did that cutest bow tie for a little boys birthday party.  I need some of these for church for my little one.  
I love her cute little model!  

She also did a vintage dice for a her office.  I love this idea of super cute storage.
She also did a purse from a men's shirt.  I have a shirt that didn't fit my brother in law and 
I loved the colors.  So I kept it. I think I will try something like this!  

I love the ruffles.  I think she did such a great job.
This idea is genius!  I can't ever tell you how great this is!  It is a Traveling Makeup Bag made from a zip lock baggie!  Hello, why didn't I think of this!

That you so much for sharing all of your great projects.  I can't  wait to see what great projects that will be linked up this week.  Also I am working on a button for all of your guys to put on your blog!  

Hope to see you tomorrow.



Holy cow!!!

Holy cow!  Does anyone still say that? 
I have 51 followers.  
Thank you to everyone who stops by and says hi. 
I have some really fun posts set up for this next week.  
I can't wait!  
See you next week.


"Master Bedroom"

As of late I have been thinking about our "Master bedroom."  There is nothing master about our bedroom.  Our bedroom right now is small, but it works.  We have had a log bedroom set for a few years now, which doesn't ever fit in our room.  I really wanted to have the log theme when I got it.  However, like any great women, we change our minds!  I am done with the log heavy thick wood.  I want an area that is super light and airy.  I want blues, grays and creams. Something that feels larger then it really is. 

I have been thinking about the furniture, what I would like in there.  I have been looking at Pottery Barn and Ikea.   Here is what I found.

This is from Ikea.  I really like that it has some design to the top and  not solid.  But one of the must for me is comfort in the bedroom.  Which for me means that I need to have a solid head board.  I want to have more kids and with our log bed it wasn't solid and it was hard on the late night feeds.

These are from Pottery Barn and I love them!
I love anything that has storage!  I want to have something like this with my little boys room! I am not sure about the fabric head board.  I think like a mom, I want things that are easy to clean.

I really like this, but it is really fancy and my hubbie wants something that is more casual.  Still amazing!

This one is it!  I LOVE THIS!!!

I love how rustic it looks, but still gorgeous!  I love the character that it has.  The dings and dents just add to it! I just wish that I liked the price tag that went along with.  I am going to try and fine a bedroom set that I can redo and make it look like this. 

What about you? Do you have your dream space?  Do you love or hate your room? 



Tuesday Tell All #8

Welcome back!  Once again I am so thankful to your amazing comments.  They helped tons with my little blah week.

I am back and even though I had a bad week I did get some crafting done.  My mother in law gave me some pants that didn't fit her.  I tried them on and I like my pants really like my pants long.  These however, were really short on me and I felt really awkward.  I really liked the color of them and I didn't have any capri's that fit.  I rolled them for a while and they were way to hot!  I am a super hot body! Then I decided to try my hand at hemming.  I cut them off, then sewed the hem.  I can't even tell you how excited I am about them!  I wear them all the time.  They fit great and they are so cute.  Here is a picture of the final product!  Don't look at my chubby pastie white legs!
I will  be making another pair soon.

Another project that we have been trying to finish, but it was way bigger then I thought.  Over the weekend of the 4th of July we cleaned out the garage.  Now, this was a crazy idea!  It had been about 25 years since this was cleaned out.  My mother in law makes me laugh.  If she needs something and can't find it, she will just go and buy a new one. Needless to say,we found a lot and multiples of a things.

When we were talking about how to make more storage I came across this blog entry.  I was so excited to see this.  On House of Smith's.  This is her dad's house.  I wish that my hubbie wanted to keep the garage this clean!
I knew that it work amazingly in the garage.  Then I talked to my amazing hubbie and he reluctantly said that he would build it for me!  I am so happy about how they turned out!

Great huh!?  We were so tired that we just put whatever we could on the shelves to get it off the ground.

Here is also a sneak peek at some bookshelves that I am redoing.  I am so excited to do it!

I am linking to these parties.

Plus I am doing a linking party!  I know that today is Wednesday, but the linking parties will be on Tuesday.  I am so excited to do this.  My rules are:

  1. Must be something craftie.  This can be anything!  Even recipes. 
  2. Anything that is negative or inappropriate will be deleted.
  3. Visit the other links and show some love!
  4. Please let others know about my linking party so that we can all enjoy in the fun. 



I wrote this awesome post and then my computer freaked out and deleted it.  I am  not happy.
I will rewrite the post tomorrow with all the awesome pictures that I will have to retake.  Dang it.
Check back tomorrow.



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