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I know that I don't need to say more?  I have never been there.  So this last weekend my hubbie and I went with my little one and my parents down to Lehi.  I need a break and so we went down there and spent the night.   My mom and I went to Ikea why the boy went to Cabela's.  It was so much fun.

I was so excited to go and then I walked in there!  Oh my goodness.  I was so overwhelmed.  But I loved every second of it.  I was looking for an addition to my craft room that I wanted to work on today.  Instead I am sick and I have a wonderful sister in law that has taken my son so that I can just relax.  Thanks Suzie!!!!  I found where they were suppose to be.  They there, then look in another place, GONE!!!  I was so sad.  Then my sweet mom found them in another place.  I was so excited, I think I yelled, "Hurray."  This is what I bought!
I am making a magnet board and I am going to organize all my small craft items like buttons and paper clips.  I am SO stoked!  My hubbie thinks that I have an addiction.  He was surprised that I didn't buy much.  But when we moved out of his mom's house and we get our own.  That store will be where I spend most of his checks!  Until then I will have to get love the few things that I did get and the prices are amazing!

I also got a funnel that is lime green and I love!  For only $0.99.

I also a bead counter for the little one!  I was to excited and that fact that it was $7.99 is even better!  I was so excited to bring this home so that he could play with it! 
My mom feel in love with this a kitchen there and I love this play room white board.  I think that I will do in The next house.
Then there was this!  I would love to have something like this for our TV! I LUV our TV cabinet.  But this is so amazing.

I hope to go again soon.  But I need to have a mission this time.  I need to have a purpose, otherwise I just wander.  If you have one close, go and enjoy!

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denny said...

Hi Melissa!
I love ikea too!!!!!!!
I'm curious to see your new craft room! I'm building one too! :)


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