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A Jean Redo!

Many of you know that I am pregnant and getting more pregnant by the day.  A few months ago I was at Old Navy and found a great deal on some jeans.  Well I was HUGE with my son and I thought that I might get as big as I did with him.  So I bought some pants that were too big and thought I would grow into them.  I am happy to report I still don't fit in them.  But they are some of the only pants that I have.  I needed to do something!  

So I went to work.  I thought that I would show you want I did.  Now a huge disclaimer.  I am a beginner sewer and it isn't that great!  You will get the point and I am sure that most of you will do better then I did.Let get started! 

I started by cutting a piece of elastic.  Then pin it in place
I started sewing and then you need to pull it super tight!  I might as tight as you can or it won't work very well.  I learned that on the other pair that I did.  

Do that to both sides.  Make sure that you have a needle that will sew through denim or it will break.  Plus don't sew your belt loop.  It will look like this.
I told you I wasn't that great.  It was my first time!  Here is what it looks like on the back.

Another thing I thought of after I got done doing this is you could make a small cut in the denim and hide the elastic.  Either way it works great!


Tawny said...

I think that is an awesome fix! Much better than trying to cut some of it down and make darts or tucks in really thick denim.

It works and you don't have to waste a pair of perfectly good pants. Terrific! :D

cAsSy said...

Good job! I think I will be wearing mostly elastic waste skirts. I'm already roasting!


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