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My dear friends, I am MOVING!!!  I am so excited, but we have to be out of our house by April 7th and I threw out my back last week.  So this should be interesting.  I will try to blog, but I might have to take a break for a while. I want to do a post about moving.  So I will try, but if I don't, Please still love me. 

Our house has been on the market since September, so this is very welcome, no more walk troughs and keeping the house super crisp clean.  Which is impossible with a little 17 month old boy! 

I was wondering though, do you have any tips or things that worked well for you when you moved?  If so please let me know!  I welcome anything that will make my life easier!  Thanks!


Cassie said...

Use clothing to pad your dishes (instead of newspaper).
Pack dressers with bedding/clothes. Especially the bedding so that it's easy to find later.
Set up beds first! That way after you do the other unpacking you aren't too exhausted for that.
Pack a "must haves" box with things you are bound to use right away...toiletries, some basic kitchen things (like toaster and a bag of bread for a quickie breakfast) etc. Put it where you can locate it instantly.

We've moved more time since we've been married than the number of years we've been married. We've got it down to a fine art. lol Good luck with the move! And yay for finally being under contract!


Lisa Marie Hanson said...

I didn't use this idea when we moved but I heard about it from a friend and it sounds super effective. color code everything to the room it will go to with colored post its or paper, for example harrison=blue post its, kitchen=pink post its. Also color code the room as well with colored paper on the door so those who are helping you know where to put the boxes and you don't end up with camping stuff in the bedroom! :)

cAsSy said...

My moving pointers:
-Wash all the dishes before packing them. Even the stuff you don't use often.
-Use plastic tubs instead of boxes. We picked boxes up from Reams grocery store when we moved to Provo and they had cockroaches in the ripples of the cardboard. I will never use anything but boxes from my work (medical supply boxes) or my plastic tubs which are more attractive in an empty basement than boxes.
-Sell stuff on so you don't take crap you don't want. Plus it helps you make a couple extra bucks. It's helpful since moving is so $$$
-Get some freeze and heat up type food so you don't have to pull out dishes you have already boxed. I didn't cook for 2 weeks while we were moving.
-Label boxes well and with detail. ie: green dishes; brown and green vase, red wood frames, big purple bowels. . . . It helps to make unpacking what you need easier.
-Put clothes in duffel bags or garbage bags. Don't waste box or tub space with clothes.
-Use dish towels/regular towels to pad your dishes. It saves money. Bubble wrap is $$ and you don't even get a whole box worth.

I hope this helps. We have moved a lot. If I think of anything else I'll let you know.

P.S. I am so happy you sold your house! Yay!

Michelle said...

Congrats on the sale of your house & best wishes for moving. Sorry to hear that you hurt your back, hope you'll feel better soon.

The best moving tip I can think of is have one immediate box for your first night (things with dishsoap, tp, shampoo, remote control, food, phone book, etc.). And...label all boxes according to rooms with a brief description of what's inside. -Enjoy your new place. :)


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