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Things I need to fix

So today I was reflecting on the things that I needed to do to our house to make it more a peeling to home buyers, since we are trying to sell.  This is what I have come up with.

The outside of our house:
  • I want to paint the front door black!  I have always wanted a black door, then put vinyl lettering numbers on the door.
  • I want to paint the shutters black and paint around the windows white.  The color right now is mustard yellow!  Gross!
  • Scrap and repaint the peeling paint.
The main or upper level of our house:
  • Kitchen counter tops in our kitchen.  I know we don't have the money to granite, so I think I will be painting them.
  • I need to fix the trim in the bathroom around the mirror.  It is kinda weird and we need to change it.
  • New shower curtain.  I am sick of the fishing bathroom stuff.  I want something super trendy and fun
  • New kitchen table, ours is really big and I don't like how much of the kitchen it takes up.
  • Then my little one's room is going to get quite a change here soon.  I want to move his room around and finish the wall art that I want to do.
Then we have the basement:
  • The light fixtures are old and not very pretty.  Think of you grandma's light fixtures.  Yuck!
  • Flooring. We received some carpet from my hubbie's family and now we just need to buy the pad and tack strips. I would like to change the tile.  The tile is an awful brown, deep red grossness! 
  • We need to replace some of the base board.  Long story...
  • The bathroom down there is so small!  I wish that they would have made the kitchen a tiny bit smaller and made the bathroom a  little bigger. We can't change the size, but we do need to change the tile and maybe repaint it.  We had a pipe break in the ceiling and so we redid that.  Now it looks like we need to change some other things in there.
  • Another thing on the bathroom, it need a deep cleaning!  I hate cleaning bathrooms, most of the time my hubbie helps with that.  Which he is so sweet and doesn't mind, I think. 
  • The kitchen needs paint.  But the time we got done painting up stair we were done!  Now it is on to the basement. The cabinets and walls.
  • The bedrooms needs that carpet and the closet needs to be painted.  We started priming it and have never finished.  
  • Then I would love to stage it and make it look like a dream home.  I don't know if we will be able to, but I will make it look as good as I can.
Then we have the hall:
  • Needs to be painted a tan color.  It is white right now is terrible to keep clean!  
  • The flooring.  I have no clue what to do with this.  I will let you know!
Then the Laundry/storage/ furnace and everything else room:
  • I would love to paint the entire room, floors and all.  I would love to have painted concrete floors.  I love that look!
  • I want to change the storage unit in there.  It works, but I think that we could change it and make it look and work so much better!  The storage in there is weird and not very useful.  
This is a dream!  Thanks for reading.  Let me know what you think!  I would love to have the help!


cAsSy said...

I am going to paint all my doors black too! Front door, garage door, big garage doors, door leaving the garage. That's a lot of black but I think it will look way better. If you do it before I do let me know how it goes.

Kelly @ Make It Sparkly Mama said...

Sometimes it is overwhelming to look at a list like that ( I know I have one too) but you can do it in! (in bite size chunks of course). Thanks for posting this, made me start thinking I need to get my list out!

Cassie said...

Check out the Habitat for Humanity Restore's. There is one in Layton ( ttp:// You might be able to find lots of things (like countertops and light fixtures) you need for less!


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