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Basment fun

I am SO excited to show you all our fun basement.  Like I said before it is pretty much were we spend about 90% of our time.  This is when we started. None of that furniture was ours.  
The previous owners asked if they could have the carpet since we were taking it out.  I glad gave it to them.  However, the carpet was in amazing condition and super nice carpet.  Just not my color or style!
Here are a few of the demo!  Those spots are dust.  Gross!!  But that hunky guy is my super handsome husband!  I know I am SO lucky!!

This is after we pulled down the paneling down.  They did something that I haven't really seen before.  They sheet rocked and then put paneling over it.  Why I am not sure, but we were so excited that we didn't have to spend that money!!!
No home reno job is complete without surprises!  Do you know what is from?  Not mold!
That would be from termites.  Yep, you read that right.  We found termites!  I was sick!  But we had a bug come and take care of them.  But I want them to come back and make sure that they are all gone!!!

Here are the before pictures of my craft room if you didn't see my last post. 
Here are the pictures of the Craft room during.
The stove thing was a canning kitchen and it was really nice, the only problem is we wanted this to be a bed room for our little boy when we have more kids.  So we thought that since we are carpeting we might just want to take it out.  Which we are happy that we did because we found this where the sick was.  Yep, that would be mold! 
My hubbie and I got talking and there were 4 closets in the this room.  which took up a ton of room.  We decided that we would keep the 2 big closets and take out the 2 small ones.  Which I was kinda worried about.  But now that we did it.  I love it!! 
Bye bye closets! 

This is the stairs without all that crazy wallpaper, mirrors, and carpet.
Here is the basement after we had textured painted it. (Again with the sideways! Does anyone know how to fix this?)

Here is the craft room before carpet!  Without those two small closets.  It makes the room SO much bigger!
Lat but not least!  The Family room with carpet!!!  I love the carpet.  However, I will never go through the company that we did again!!!!  They broke the sheet rock in two places and told us that there is nothing that they would do about it.  Grrr!!!! 
We are still working on the baseboards, painting the doors and the door jams, decor and the placement of furniture.  I can't wait to show you everything when it is done.  Just a few more things and this is officially checked off the list! 

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