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A little home tour!

Hello friends!  I thought that it was about time that I show you are new humble house!  I am so excited to say the least.  Now, we didn't buy it because it was exactly what we wanted.  But it will be when I am done with it. These is a horrible pictures, they were taken with my phone.

Let's start wit the front room.   It was taken when we were doing our walk through.  Yes, that is our real estate agents feet.

 This is the kitchen.  It look a lot different then it does now. I wish that I could say that it was still that clean!  HAHA!!!

  This is my little boy's rooms.  Don't you just love those built in's?  (Sorry, that the pictures are sideways) I wish that they left that chest.

This is my little girl's room.  It is tiny, but I love it.  (Sideways)
Then here is that master!   It is not really that master.  But I really loved the rest of the house and I feel that you only sleep in your room.  We don't believe in having tv's or computers in any of the rooms.  So this will do just fine.  Except the doors for the closet.  (Really, sideways)

Now the bathrooms.  The first is the kid's or guest bath. (Anyone know how to change that?)  Sweet, colors huh!?  The wallpaper is gone and we have a cream colored wall.  But everything else as of now is the same.  We are going to completely gut this and make it look amazing.  I think that we might keep the vanity, it is solid wood.

Now the "Master" Bath.  It is a pass through.  We are still trying to decide if we want to frame off the door and put a tub in.  I would love too.  But I also really like having the pass through.  Either way we are going to redo this bath too.  Sweet tile huh?!

Then there was the reason I feel in love with the house.... The HUGE basement.  I have always wanted to have a huge room so that when we have friends and family over we can all be in the same room.   Now I didn't say that it was beautiful.  I just said I loved it size!  Look at that awful carpet!!!  I mean it was made amazingly well.  Plus, it was in great condition.  But it was awful!!!  Plus, the people that we bought it from gave us a carpet allowance!  HURRAY!!!

 Not the prettiest fireplace I have ever seen.   We are still trying to figure out what we would like to do to it. 

 This is the hall going downstairs.  Yes, that is mirrors, striped wall paper and checked carpet.  It was awful!!!  Yes, it is all gone!!!  Yahoooo!!!  Yes, that is me in the picture.
Then my most favorite room in the whole house!!!!  My craft room!!!!  It use to be an old canning kitchen with the washer and dryer in it.  But looked at the carpet!!  Yickes!!  Plus, most awesome wood paneling!

I hope that you liked my little house tour.  I can't wait to show you the things that we have already do and the things that we are going to do!!! 

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