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Welcome to My Craftie Life By Melissa.  I am super excited to have you visit my blog!  I decided to start a blog that is devoted to just my crafting things.  I also would like to keep my personal life as private as possible.  I love the internet and the wonderful things that you can do with it.  But if anything were to be used as it was not intended, namely anything with my son, I would be sick!  So welcome to My Craftie Life!

Here are a few things that I have done in past projects. I hope you enjoy!

My very first rag quilt:

The Di Lamp:

The message board:

Then my new found love... Sewing!!!!!

Full size hooded towels:

My first Nursing cover:

My first baby blanket for my son.  It is his favorite! (If anyone is interested I would love to do a tutorial.  It is super easy and takes about an hour. At least for me because I am new to sewing.)

Beaded watch bands:

 The wooden pumpkins:

 The refridgeator magnets that were made from those stupid phone book magnets:

 My chip board book turned into an Photo album:

I think that is a lot of what I have posted so far on my other blog.  But I have so much more.  I would like to show you the remold of our house and how I have decorated it!

We have recently canceled our cable TV and it has been such a great thing!  I have gotten so much done!  Hopefully today I will be able to get pictures of our christmas tree and Christmas decor to show off! 

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