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Our New House....

So we don't have a new house yet.  Our current home is up for sale and I hope that it sales soon!  However, I thought that I would show you our before and afters.  I have learned a lot about buying and owning a house and I am only 23. When I walked into this house I saw so much more then what it had been made into! 

So let start the tour.

So the best place to start is at the heart of the home?!  The kitchen!

Here is the kitchen how we have had it since we moved in.  It was a light robin egg blue.  The cabinets are a yellowish white.  They were aweful!  



Here is the during.  That is my sweet hubbie hard at work.

This is the afters.  I hope you enjoyed our kitchen remodel.  It was a pain, but it looks nice.  I wish that we could have redone the counter tops and the back splash.  However the budget wasn't there.



Becca said...

Are you in heaven or what!!!What a beautiful redo!!! Thanks for linking!

Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

Wow! You guys should feel so proud! I am so impressed!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

What a great job! Love those new floors. :) You all did good! I'm visiting from Sarah's party. Here's my link:

Cas said...

Your remodel looks great. I understand the budget thing. I found a blog post about painting countertops check it out...I am thinking about trying it.

Jenn said...

You have a great have great taste! I am sorry about your little guy being sick, that is not fun. Our baby just got over RSV and a staph infection...Hope for a healthy 2010!!
Have a wonderful day!
PS I hope that you get over your creative block soon, I had it for most of the year last year and I didn't like it! I am just getting into the groove again myself!


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