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Walgreen Deals!

I know that my last post was about using coupons, but I need to tell you about what I was able to buy today.  I went to Walgreen's and used my coupons that I got when I bought Greg's shower gel on Monday.  When I was pregnant with my little boy I got this weird rash on my legs.  Well I couldn't really do anything because I was prego.  Then it magically went away.  Well ever since I have had really sensitive skin. Which means that I have had to change my laundry detergent.  Which is weird because I have used Tide my whole life.  Well I changed to Purex and it has worked amazing.  Which I love because it goes on sale for really cheap and they usually have coupons to make it cheaper!  Wahoo!

Long story just to tell you that I purchased 6 Purex 32 loads for $2.32. 

Crazy I know.  This is how I was able to do it.  When I went on Monday I bought 2 of the Old Spice Body wash and there was a print out for $4.50 (which is was they cost). 

Well I had a coupon buy one get one free, I got two free. Then today I bought a Gillette shave gel and I had a coupon to get one free.  I also recieved another $4.50 print out.  Then I used the three $4.50 coupons and the Purex was on sale for $2.95.

Was confusing!  But it worked out great! I am so excited and I love using coupons.  If you have any cool deals let me know.  I promise that I will have something cool planned to show next week.  Also I need your help with something that I am stumped on!


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