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Tuesday Tell All #1

I am so excited to introduce Tuesday Tell All!  Since we moved in I have been try to organize everything in different storage.  My mother in law has been SO great to work with.  She has an AMAZING storage room and she has given us about half of it for our storage.  But I just stuffed everything in there.  Well it wasn't fitting so I had to think of a way to use the shelves so that I could get the best storage out of them  A while back I saw some had used those old wire cube that were so popular for  kids room a while back.  Well she had used them for paper storage in her craft room.  I thought that was so great!

I was a part of Free Cycle and just asked if there was only one getting rid of some.  Well I got tons!  So I did a storage unit for under our  bathroom sink.  We had a  tiny vanity!  So I had to use as much as I could.  I still have to think how I am going to do it for our new bathroom.  We have a huge vanity now.

I had these huge shelves to work with and so I took two panels for the side and them I took a can of vegetables and measured how much space I needed.  Then I took three more panels for the inside and zip tied them to the two side panels.  But I made it three sections so that I could get the maximum storage. It turned out great!

Here is the Before picture!

Here is the process of adding all of the cans. 

Then here is the after
I have loved this!  It works so well and I have freed up tons of space so that we can store more stuff in here.  It fit prefect and my hubbie thinks that it is pretty cool.  I hope to show you more cool stuff that I am planning in the upcoming weeks on Tuesday Tell All.

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Connie said...

Ahhh, so organized. Thanks for the tip about the wire baskets.

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

That's a really good idea!

Kaysi said...

Wow that is amazing!!

Andy Porter said...

What a great solution! It looks so organized! Yay!!

Anne Maskell said...

I'm always looking for more storage in my house! I'm visiting from t&j.

Katie Olthoff said...

That's such a great idea!

kelly o! said...

First time visitor, and I just want to say "WOW! Thank you!"

This will definitely come in handy! I've been using the cubes for some of my fabric/recyclable clothes but have been annoyed by the falling stacks inside each cube. I also have extra panels (buying them occasionally at thrift stores).

Now to get some zip ties....


Kaysi said...


Bonnie Weeks said...

That looks great! I love organization.


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