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Getting my life together!!!

Lately, I have been taking a little bit of time to blog hop.  Which turns out there are tons of amazing things.  Now I knew this,but time and knowing are two different things.  I was over at the New Nostalgia, she holds a Anti- Procrastination Party.  She has such an amazing blog and tons of fun ideas.  
As I was going through the list, I found this amazing Household Notebook.  Now if you know me, I am an organizational freak!  I mean it!  You can ask my hubbie, I will get something organized, use it for a few months and then reorganize it again.  So when I came across this, my heart skipped a beat.  I mean it!  

Shannon, over at Living Life On Purpose, made this!  She has changed my life.  I started working on one for myself right away.  I gathered my binder and wanted to write a list and get things together so that I can feel as though my life is a little bit more put together.  If you would like to make too head over and take a look.  What I like is that you can make this personalized.  Also I LOVE the binder!!!  Look how great it is!!

So I invited her over to vist!  Here is what she has to say!

Hi, I'm Shannon from the blog, Living My Life On Purpose.

I started blogging a LONG time ago... I don't even remember who hosted it! I took a break from blogging until I joined a certain social network site. I started blogging there and was actually quite surprised that people were actually reading my ramblings! Then, for certain reasons, I left that social network site and joined Blogger! I started blogging to kind of keep a record of my life. As time went on and I became more familiar with the blogging world, I kind of got addicted to all of the fun things that can be done with a blog! Now, here I sit with hundreds of hits each day, wondering how on earth it evolved so quickly! I mean, there are tons of moms that sit around and blog about their lives... why are people reading me?

Who am I? I am a self-proclaimed crafty mama! I married my soul mate, Mike, in 2006. We have the two most amazingly beautiful daughters, Jaden and Taylor. You might hear about them occasionally on my blog ;o) I am a graphic designer by day and supermom by night. When the kids go to bed, I break out the sewing machine, glue gun, and bottle of wine. Sure, I catch a lot of crap from Mike for my crafty creations and the messes they make (hey, I always clean up after myself... it may just take a day or two), but you should see his movie collection! We all have our obsessions :o)

My girls are my world. They are sweet but LOUD! Jaden is full of drama, yet so sensitive to the feelings of others. Taylor, although still very young, is turning out to be our wild child! I'm scared to death of the day that they get their heads together to scheme against us! Watch out world! In all seriousness though, they are great kids! They amuse me and inspire me. They have filled my heart with more love than I ever thought it could hold. They make being a mom the best thing I have ever done!

I am born from a very creative family. I grew up in a house full of markers and paper and tape and glitter. My mom has always been so creative and artistic. She has taught me well! She gets it honestly though, seeing as her mom is one of the best paper crafters I know. Even though my dad claims to be artistically-challenged, I credit my sewing abilities to his side. His mom has an amazing sewing ability! I hope all of my creative genes were passed onto my girls!

Life On Purpose actually started out as Shades of Gray. I like to believe that life is not always black and white. In fact, it's usually in those shades of gray that we find the most joy. I changed the title of my blog a couple of years ago after reading the book, Intelligence for Your Life: Powerful Lessons for Personal Growth by John Tesh. He talked about how it is important to live your life on purpose. He believes that people who live optimistic, purpose-driven lives, live longer and are happier. I couldn't agree more, therefore I adopted my new mantra, never let the struggles of life interfere with the pleasures of living. What can I say, I'm a "glass half full" type of girl!

What can you expect from my blog? Me. My life. I may be on cloud nine one day and down in the dumps the next... I've been known to run hot and cold. You'll find everything about me that makes me smile and may even read about what makes me cry. I cook, I bake, I craft, I repurpose, and I LOVE sharing all of it with you! If you don't like it, click the "X" in the upper right-hand corner. If you DO like it, let me know! Either way, thanks for stopping by and enjoy the ride!! 

Isn't she so cute!  I also wanted to talk about her Life list.  Now we have all hear of the bucket list.  Well I love how she put this, " My Life List is a list of things I would like to accomplish in my lifetime, not a list of things I want to do before I die.  You may think of them as the same thing, but they are not.  Whereas a Bucket List focuses on death, a Life List is all about living! 

Some dreams on my list are major and others are small.  I cross off things on my list when I feel like I have fully accomplished them.  I don't set out to do these things for the sole purpose of crossing them off my list.  I do what feels right, when the time is right.

My Life List first originated after 9/11.  I saw an episode of Oprah with a mother of a girl that was killed in the attacks of 9/11.  This mother was talking about going through her daughter's room and personal belongings after she was killed.  In doing so, she found her daughter's Life List.  That episode was very inspiring to me.  That day, I started my Life List.

I'm an organizational control freak so I have a few rules about my Life List!  There will always be 50 goals on my list.  I can change them whenever I want but once an item has been crossed off, there is no changing it!"

That made me think, what do I want to do on my life.  I will be posting my life list soon.  But this weekend I made more time for my son!  That was one thing that I felt like I needed to do this weekend.  But my hubbie also went hunting so I can't sleep while he is gone so I made some fun stuff!  I will show you soon.  

Head on over and see this super great Household Notebook!  It will change your life!  She also is
selling printable pages for a Household Organizational Binder. You get 23 pages for only $5. Have them email Shannon at if you are interested.  They are so cute and such a great deal.  I think this would be great for gifts!


Cassie said...

So funny that you posted this. I noticed her blog yesterday in your links so I pulled it up. I loved her binder so I kept it up to show my sister! Great minds think alike.


Shannon said...

Thanks for the feature Melissa!! I'm so happy to hear that you love your binder :o)

Also, I'm touched that you featured my Life List and so happy that you are starting one for yourself! I've said it before and I'll say it again... Never let the struggles of life interfere with the pleasures of living!


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